Top TOTS-Bundesliga Players in FIFA23: Versatile Forwards, Dominant Midfielders, and Exceptional Defenders

Top TOTS-Bundesliga Players in FIFA23: Versatile Forwards, Dominant Midfielders, and Exceptional Defenders

Explore the TOTS Moments players in FIFA23, featuring versatile forwards, dominant midfielders, and exceptional defenders. This article delves into the strengths and weaknesses of each player, providing insights on their performance and value in the game

TOTS Moments Reus: A Versatile Forward with a Slight Drawback

Reus’ exclusive TOTS model boasts impressive stats with 91 agility and 94 dribbling.However, the actual feel of his dribbling is a bit stiff, which is the major downside of this card.Nevertheless, he excels in various positions in the attacking front, whether as a lone striker, second striker, center forward, or attacking central midfielder.Personally, I prefer utilizing him as an attacking CM.However, with the availability of similar cards in the TOTS lineup, Reus doesn’t stand out as exceptional.His handling simply doesn’t compare to the likes of Saka.He does offer slightly better physicality than Saka, but unless you’re a die-hard Reus fan or a supporter of the German national team or Borussia Dortmund, there isn’t much necessity to acquire this card.

TOTS Bellingham: Invincible Midfield Dynamo

There’s not much to elaborate on here – one word: unbeatable.EA has truly outdone themselves with Bellingham, elevating his overall stats by 2 to 3 points.His weak foot rating has jumped from 4 to 5, and the addition of the “Finesse Shot” trait is simply mind-blowing.In terms of strength, TOTS Bellingham surpasses Prime Gullit.Bellingham excels in ball control, while Gullit triumphs in dribbling.Overall, Bellingham is currently the top midfield graduate in the game.

TOTS Mané: Exquisite Dribbling Ability

Mané’s standout feature is his exceptional dribbling, providing excellent ball control and responsiveness. Compared to his version from a few months ago, he has not only received a skill move upgrade but also a boost in overall stats. I’ve performed numerous feint shots, and Mané’s close ball control has been truly remarkable.He is capable of playing both centrally and on the wings, surpassing players like Saint-Maximin and Payet in these positions.His touch is even superior to that of the POTM Mbappé.With his fully boosted speed, shooting, and passing, combined with his dribbling, 5-star skills, and outside foot shot trait, he possesses top-tier creative and finishing abilities.At a price of around 1.5 million coins, he offers good value for money.I would willingly purchase this card if it fits my team’s chemistry and formation.Currently, Mane’s price still represents great value.Recommended chemistry style: Hawk.

TOTS Kimmich: A Dynamic B2B Midfielder

Kimmich is an excellent B2B midfielder, and his mentality has been upgraded from MH to HH, while his skill moves have increased from 3 to 4.This is a significant improvement, and his pace and defending attributes have been more evenly distributed.Apart from his relatively poor finishing ability and smaller stature, which can be crucial in the midfield, there are no major issues with this card.At a price of around 340K coins, he offers great value for money.However, it’s crucial to pair him with a larger model midfielder to ensure a balanced midfield duo.Partnering him with Goretzka would create a strong and cost-effective combination.Chemistries involving Neuer and Goretzka would suffice.

TOTS De Ligt: An Exceptionally Strong CB

De Ligt is an incredibly strong center-back, and his stats provided by EA are truly outstanding.He ranks second only to Van Dijk and surpasses players like Varane and Lucio.It’s challenging to determine who is the absolute best at the CB position, as it often depends on individual chemistry needs and personal preferences.However, there is no doubt that this card is exceptionally powerful and highly desirable.

TOTS Moments Alphonso Davies: The Unquestionable Best LB

Davies undoubtedly holds the title of the game’s best LB at the current stage. His mentality has been upgraded from HM to HH, and he has been given 5-star skills.With his native full pace, he possesses a fantastic model that leaves little to be desired for a left-back position.If we’re really nitpicking, his finishing ability is slightly lower, and his stamina is only at 91.Nevertheless, at a price of around 300,000 coins, he offers tremendous value.The only challenge lies in finding the right chemistry style, but opting for a 4-Bayern Munich solution could be a suitable choice.

In summary, the TOTS players in FIFA23 present a range of strengths and weaknesses, catering to different playstyles and team needs.  From versatile forwards like Reus to dominant midfielders like Bellingham, and exceptional defenders like De Ligt, these players bring unique qualities to the game.

However, acquiring these top players often requires a substantial amount of in-game currency.  If you’re looking to enhance your FIFA 23 experience and acquire the best players for your team, it’s essential to consider reliable sources for purchasing FIFA coins.

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