Some Important Information About Aberdeen for International Students

Aberdeen is a Scottish city widely popular among international students. Students from all continents come to this city to get superior-quality education. Robert Gordon University and the University of Aberdeen are the universities in this city that receive applications for admission from plenty of international students in every session. The applications of many students are accepted.

Students who get enrolled in a university or institute in Aberdeen need some information about Aberdeen to make plans for their living. So, in this article, you will get some important information about Aberdeen for you as an international student.

Student Accommodation in Aberdeen

Accommodation is a major requirement of students after they get enrolled in a university in Aberdeen. Different types of residences are available for students who are enrolled in Aberdeen. Some of the popular types of residences that you get in Aberdeen are:

Ensuite Rooms: These are the rooms for students who want to stay alone in their rooms but have no problem with shared lounges and kitchens. These rooms are located in houses, which are shared by multiple residents. Each room comprises an ensuite bathroom.

Non-Ensuite Rooms: These rooms are the same as the ensuite rooms with the only difference that you also have to use shared bathrooms if you choose them.

Shared Rooms: In the shared rooms also, you find everything shared such as kitchens, lounges, and bathrooms. But, these rooms are different from non-ensuite rooms because, in these rooms, you don’t stay alone. Shared rooms are booked by multiple residents and in each room, two or more residents can stay.

Apartments: In apartments, students can book bedrooms. One bedroom may be offered to one or two residents. Apartments may have ensuite bathrooms in each bedroom or shared bathrooms for all the residents. Kitchens and lounges are shared in most of the apartments.

Studios: Studios are self-contained houses, which are offered to either one or two residents. Studios come available with ensuite bathrooms. In studios, students get a living area, an open kitchen area or a kitchen, a bed, a study area, etc. in one large space.

You can select student accommodation Aberdeen as per your choice.

Types of Housing Properties in Aberdeen

Aberdeen has three types of housing properties, which are university halls, private student housing, and private apartments. University halls are the premises meant for students that are found on university campuses. 

On the other hand, private student housing complexes are developed as well as owned by the private owners but they are very much identical to the university halls. Therefore, many people call these complexes private halls.

Another type of accommodation property available in Aberdeen is the private apartment. The private apartments are not specially meant for students, unlike the above-mentioned types of properties. But, these apartments are often rented by international students in Aberdeen.

What You Find in Student Accommodations and Housing Properties in Aberdeen


You find a wide range of facilities inside student accommodations and housing properties. Some facilities are common in all the accommodations such as study tables and chairs, internet connections, wardrobes, kitchen appliances, etc. 

Besides, there are some, which may be different in the case of distinct properties. Gyms, cinemas, games rooms, etc. are such facilities.

Cost of Living in Aberdeen

The cost of living in Aberdeen is another aspect that you need to know about. The rents of private student housing start from £77/week in Aberdeen and they go up to £218/week. On the other hand, prices of university halls start from £92/week and go up to £166/week. Private apartments can be found at the cheapest price of £1,635/month and the higher price of £3,636/month.

Besides, you may have to spend approximately £55 per week on your personal expenses.

Some Landmarks to See in Aberdeen

If you will come to Aberdeen, you will definitely like to enjoy visiting some landmarks in the city. Some of the top-rated landmarks in Aberdeen that you can visit include Historic St. Machar’s Cathedral; Brig o’Balgownie, Scotland’s Oldest Bridge; Tolbooth Museum, Most Haunted Building of Aberdeen; Mercat Cross; Duthie Park and David Welch Winter Gardens; Aberdeen Art Gallery; Aberdeen’s Oldest Home: Provost Skene’s House; Crathes Castle; Aberdeen Maritime Museum; Craigievar Castle; Queen’s Balmoral Castle; Cruickshank Botanic Gardens; Aberdeen Science Centre; and The Gordon Highlanders Museum.

Final Thoughts

In addition to the above-mentioned ones, you will be able to explore a lot of things while living in Aberdeen. Aberdeen will definitely be proven to be your dream city.

You can find and book student accommodation easily in Aberdeen in the present scenario. For finding accommodation in Aberdeen, you are required to visit the websites of online student accommodation service platforms and compare different student accommodation properties. On these websites, you can also directly book a residence in Aberdeen. 

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