Understanding the Different Types of Residential Electrical Services Offered by ASP: A Comprehensive Guide for Duluth, MN Homeowners


Modern day life revolves around uninterrupted access to electricity: it powers everything from light switches, smart devices to kitchen equipment – all fundamental necessities at any homeowners disposal thus seeking expert assistance with maintaining these systems ensures safety & efficiency at all times! In Duluth MN. residents have access to ASP  award winning Residential Electrical Services that cater to all their unique needs. This article will analyze the different types of electrical solutions that ASP offers homeowners – highlighting their significance, benefits and how they contribute to elevating the overall functionality and safety of your home.

Electrical Installation

Don’t overlook the importance of electrical installation when building or renovating a home. Our experienced electricians at ASP in Duluth MN can provide customized solutions that comply with all local codes and regulations. From designing to installing complex systems we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive range of electrical installation services.

  • Wiring and rewiring
  • Electrical panel installation and upgrades
  • Lighting installation
  • Outlet and switch installation
  • Home automation system installation

Electrical Repairs

Your home is where you should feel the safest – however if there are any issues with your electricity it can become a major concern for both safety and efficiency. That’s why we offer top quality residential electrical services at ASP allowing us to accurately diagnose and repair various types of problems so that you can continue living worry free.

  • Circuit breaker issues
  • Faulty outlets and switches
  • Wiring problems
  • Damaged electrical panels
  • Malfunctioning lighting fixtures
  • By addressing these issues promptly,ASP electricians can help prevent further damage and potential hazards.

Electrical Maintenance

The longevity and dependability of your home’s electrical system hinge on frequent upkeep. With our residential electrical services at ASP, we offer inclusive maintenance plans crafted to recognize and tackle possible issues beforehand to avoid them becoming significant problems. Our proficient electricians take care of various maintenance tasks, like:

  • Inspecting and tightening connections
  • Testing circuit breakers and GFCI outlets
  • Checking for and repairing damaged wiring
  • Evaluating and servicing your electrical panel
  • Cleaning and servicing lighting fixtures

Electrical Upgrades

As society becomes more reliant on technology our homes must adapt accordingly. If you’ve noticed an increase in power demand or want to modernize your appliances or devices upgrading your electrical system may be necessary. In Duluth, MN our skilled electricians are available to help you select suitable upgrades for your homes unique needs while prioritizing safety and performance. We offer professional installations that guarantee optimal results. Here are some popular upgrades we recommend:

  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • Adding new circuits or outlets
  • Installing energy-efficient lighting solutions
  • Upgrading to smart home technology
  • Installing dedicated circuits for high-power appliances

Emergency Electrical Services

As a homeowner you may face unexpected electrical emergencies that demand prompt attention to prevent any further damage or potential hazards. At ASP we understand the gravity of such situations and offer 24/7 emergency support services for Duluth, MN residents. Our proficient electricians-electrical contractors Hills District can diagnose and address a range of emergencies swiftly including:

  • Power outages
  • Electrical fires
  • Exposed or damaged wiring
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Malfunctioning electrical devices


In today’s day and age its not only important but essential that you invest in quality residential electricians who can ensure the safety and efficiency of your household systems. In Duluth this means choosing ASP as they are one company that offers an extensive array of services such as installation for new homes or renovated ones needing updated electrics; repairs when something breaks down; ongoing maintenance thus preventing future problems; even on-call help during emergencies! With their expertise at hand when required homeowners can breathe easy knowing that their homes are secure. 

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