How to Care for Your Persian Rug

A Persian rug is essential for creating a luxurious atmosphere in any home. Not only are these works of art beautiful to behold, but they are also incredibly functional and durable. With the proper care and maintenance, your Persian rug can last for generations to come. 

5 Tips to Maintain Your Persian Rug

1. Avoid direct sunlight when possible

Persian rugs are a beautiful addition to any home. Made from natural materials, it is important to maintain your Persian rug to retain its beauty and value over time. Keeping the rug away from direct sunlight when possible will help your rug maintain its colour and lustre. 

Natural dyes used in Persian rugs can fade or discolour when exposed to direct sunlight. The wool and other natural fibres used in the rug can also become brittle, which will reduce its lifespan. To prevent this from happening, it is important to keep your Persian rug out of direct sunlight. 

This means placing furniture or curtains near windows where the sun may be shining directly on the rug. It is also important to make sure that the room where your Persian rug is located doesn’t become overly hot as this can cause damage to the natural materials in the rug. 

2. Try to rotate your rug every few months

Rotating your Persian rug every few months will help keep it in top condition. Rotating your rug will help spread the wear and tear of regular use more evenly, preventing any one part from becoming too worn or discoloured. 

Before shifting your Persian rug, start by vacuuming it thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed for rugs and carpets. Be sure to use the right suction power and take extra care when cleaning around fringes and other delicate areas. After vacuuming, rotate its position. 

3. Don’t use harsh chemical cleaners

Be mindful of the materials used to clean your Persian rug. Harsh chemicals can damage the fibres and dyes in these hand-knotted rugs. Natural cleaners are a safer option for cleaning Persian rugs. 

Regular vacuuming and spot treatment with a mild soap solution will help keep your Persian rug looking its best. For harsh spills or stains, a dry-cleaning service may be necessary for a more thorough cleaning.

Proper maintenance is key to preserving your Persian rug’s beauty and quality, but with the right care, your Persian rug can last for many years to come.

4. Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming regularly can help keep your rug looking beautiful and in top shape. When vacuuming a Persian rug, be sure to use a low-powered suction setting so as not to damage the fibres. Start by gently vacuuming the top of the rug with an upholstery attachment or handheld vacuum, focusing on areas that get stepped on the most. 

Do not forget to vacuum underneath your rug as well, being careful to not snag the fibres. For tougher stains and dirt, you may need to spot-clean with a small amount of gentle detergent and warm water. If in doubt about how to properly care for your Persian rugg, consult a professional cleaner for the best results. 

5. Have your rug professionally cleaned

Having a Persian rugg in your home adds unmistakable charm and beauty, which you deserve to enjoy for as long as possible. Professional cleaning will help to preserve the life, look, and feel of your carpet. 

Every couple of years, or when spills and stains occur, it’s important to have your rug professionally cleaned. The dirt and oils that accumulate on your rug can not only dull the colours of the rug but also cause long-term damage to its fibres and structure. 

Caring for your Persian rug

While Persian rugs and other handmade rugs are an investment, the value and beauty they add to any given space are irreplaceable. With proper maintenance, these pieces can last for generations providing a timeless sense of opulence. 

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