Identifying the best fit for your figure

Identifying the best fit for your figure

There are plenty of modern silhouettes available to suit any body type, from broad to thin. Armed with the right knowledge and professional tailoring from mens suits near me, you can confidently showcase your impeccable style. However, the various available options might leave you feeling overwhelmed and unsure about where to begin. 

It is important to have an understanding of what works best for your specific body type to identifying your best fit. This will make selecting the perfect suit easy. Being conscious of your frame – whether tall or short – enables you to identify styles that truly complement your physique.

Steer clear of attempting to fit into ill-fitting garments that do more harm than good. Similarly, resist the urge to overcompensate with overly loose fits. By focusing on mens suits near me and staying informed about what best flatters your body type, you’ll look nothing short of spectacular.

The Athletic Build

Your hard work at the gym or Crossfit is showing and you want to show it off. Since you are broader in the upper body with defined shoulders and a narrower waist, your desired v-shape does not usually match a standard suit set with a 10 or 8-inch drop between the jacket and pants size. To discover the ideal fit, explore affordable mens suits that are available as separate pieces, enabling you to purchase the jacket and pants in their appropriate sizes.

Fit Keys

When searching for a mens tuxedo that offers the perfect fit, it’s essential to find one with the appropriate amount of room where necessary and not an excess. Based on your physique, a slim-cut suit can be a great choice to contemplate (just be certain it isn’t overly tight). Alternatively, you could opt for tailored suiting that still has a slim cut, but with a lower armhole and more room in the chest area that can accommodate your shape. For lapels, try to go for a width that is medium to wide as it will accentuate your v-shape. Additionally, the jacket waist should be nipped in, to give you the perfect fit without requiring much tailoring. It is recommended to choose garments with either a Tailored or Athletic fit.

The Thin Man

Regardless of your actions, you consistently maintain a lean figure. Kudos to you! However, discovering the ideal mens sports jacket can be challenging for those with a thin frame. Failing to find the right fit might result in appearing overly petite in a suit and accentuating your slimness. Thankfully, there is now an innovative selection of slim-cut suits designed to strike the perfect balance between sleek and non-constrictive. A tight fit is neither appealing nor suitable for professional environments, even for those who are naturally thin.

Fit Keys

For the slimmer gentleman, search for a suit with higher armholes and a more restricted silhouette. Many guys who are small in stature still choose a size too big, so consider going down a size to get a better fit. Slim suits usually have equally thin lapels, but if you want to add some width to the shoulders, you could try a peak lapel or a wider style. For the pants, make sure they are trim and tapered to avoid any excess fabric that might amplify your slimmer frame. It is recommended to go for a Slim Fit style.

For the bigger and taller men, finding the right fit and paying attention to details is key to looking dapper. A suit that is too large and baggy will actually make you look sloppy and not slimmer. Fortunately, Big & Tall brands can offer a well-fitting suit with the correct silhouette that is not going to be tight, even if you have a broader frame or a belly.

Fit Keys

When choosing a suit, ensure that it provides ample space in the chest and shoulders to accommodate your physique, while maintaining a comfortable fit around the stomach area that is secure but not overly constricting. A garment that is overly loose around the middle is as bad as one that is too tight, so aim for the right balance. Steer clear of slim or narrow lapels, as they will appear disproportionate with your size. Also, make sure the pants are a proper fit. If they are too long, they will look untidy, so be sure to find the correct hemline. For taller individuals, ensure the jacket and sleeves are the appropriate length – something that is too short or too long will only emphasize the height, and not in a positive way.

For those looking for the best fit, two options are available: Big & Tall or classic.

To ensure your suit fits you flawlessly, it’s essential to use your body type as a beginning point. Then, use these additional tips to determine if the fit is accurate. Regardless of your size, these tips will effectively assist you in discerning whether the suit you’re wearing is the ideal choice.

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