Business Analysis Certification: The Key to Unlocking Your Potential

The tech industry is evolving at a rapid pace, drastically changing the ways businesses function. There is no task similar to the way that it was carried out a decade ago. Though Business Analysis techniques were there right from the day a business had started, the plans have evolved tremendously and are now done with just a matter of a few clicks. 

The Business Analysis industry is growing at an unparalleled pace, and so is the demand for professionals skilled and trained in business analysis methodologies. In other words, organizations across the globe are looking for professionals with a business analysis certification in their hat. 

Professionals often think twice before investing in business analysis certification as they think it is a waste of time and money. To clear the clutter, let us have a look at some powerful stats regarding business analysis. 

Quick Facts:

  • The worldwide Business Analytics market is projected to grow at a massive CAGR of 7.3%, from USD 67.92 billion in 2019 to USD 103.65 billion by the year 2025, as per a report by
  • Business Analysis skills are listed among the top 10 in-demand skills according to LinkedIn
  • The jobs in business analysis profile are expected to grow by 14% by the year 2028, according to Glassdoor
  • The average annual salary of a Business Analysis is around INR 9.75 lakhs, as per Glassdoor
  • Many big names are looking for Samsung, American Express, Hotstar, Microsoft, Amazon, and many more
  • Business Analysis is used across various industries across Information Technology, BFSI(Banking, Finance, and Investment Services), Consultancy, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, and many others. 

What do these stats reveal?

It is clear that the business analysis industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and pursuing a career in this domain can be lucrative and rewarding.  

Let us now look at what Business Analysis is and why pursue a Business Analysis certification. 

What is Business Analysis?

As defined by IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis), ‘Business Analysis is the practice of enabling change in an organizational context, by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders. The set of tasks and techniques that are used to perform business analysis are defined in A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK Guide)’.

IIBA refers to business analysts as agents of change, which implies that a Business Analyst is responsible for introducing and managing the recommended changes in an organization that eventually result in the improvement of efficiency and productivity of the organization. 

Basically, organizations use business analysis to identify and communicate the requirement for change in how organizations work and facilitate that change. 

As Business Analyst, you are required to determine and define the solutions that improve the value delivered by an organization to its stakeholders significantly. 

A Business Analyst can work across all departments of the organization. Also, you may find yourself busy defining strategies, taking the lead by specifying and identifying requirements and goals for projects and programs that support continuous improvement in processes and technology, and creating the enterprise architecture. 

To carry out these tasks, a Business Analyst has to possess specialized knowledge to act as a mentor and lead the business with the help of unmapped or unknown territory to attain the desired destination. 

Organizations have now realized the value of Business Analysis as it results in providing cost-effective solutions, cutting costs significantly helps in identifying new opportunities, the realization of benefits, understanding required capabilities, and building innovative business models. 

Why Pursue a Business Analysis Certification?

Some of the core Business Analysis Certifications awarded by IIBA include:

  • CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional)
  • ECBA (Entry Certificate in Business Analysis)
  • CCBA (Certification of Capability in Business Analysis)

Apart from these core certifications, you can choose to acquire other specialization certifications as well. Also, in addition to IIBA, you can choose certifications awarded by different vendors. 

Now, the question is, Why? 

As far as CBAP is concerned, the reasons for pursuing this certification include:


  • CBAP enables you to earn lucrative salaries

A CBAP proves that you possess the skill set and expertise required for an ideal Business Analyst, which is why companies hire certified business analysts and are ready to pay lucrative salaries to deserving candidates. A CBAP credential results in better job opportunities, global recognition, and a better salary. The average annual salary of a CBAP is around USD 90,000.

A CBAP credential holder is believed to earn a massive 13% more than a non-certified equivalent candidate. 


  • A CBAP provides you with a competitive edge

This credential demonstrates to your employers that you have acquired the right knowledge, experience, and competencies as a highly effective and efficient Business Analyst Professional. This way, it provides you with a competitive edge over non-certified peers. 


  • A CBAP lets you define a strong career path

A CBAP enables you to stand out to peers and employers by demonstrating your dedication to the profession of Business Analysis and also your career. This way, as you attain experience and expertise, you can move ahead in your career by taking specialization certifications as well. 


  • A CBAP equips you with a broader perspective

Your ability to successfully contribute to the workplace and demonstrate your certification demonstrates your mastery of the numerous business analysis principles. The BABOK manual offers recommendations that are followed throughout the sector. You will perform better on the certification exam if you learn the ideas it covers properly.

You will be able to think creatively and become familiar with a variety of additional strategies thanks to the study for this exam. You will be able to use these approaches in your job once you have passed the exam.


By now, you have gone through an overview and benefits of a Business Analysis certification and may have realized that it is the key to unlocking your potential in this domain. To acquire your certification, you must take up an online training course from a reputed online training institute such as Simplilearn and get yourself equipped with all the knowledge and advanced skillset required to thrive as a Business Analyst. 


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