How to Maximize Your Kitchen Space During a Renovation

Renovating your kitchen is a rewarding experience, but only if you efficiently maximize your space. A new design refresh can be more difficult due to your kitchen’s many appliances and supplies. Don’t let this discourage you, though. 

This just means you must be more creative about your storage solutions. When doing the project, consider which items need replacing. This will help free up some space. Besides freeing up space, there are other solutions to make the process easier. The Home Blog offers tips and inspiration on how to proceed with a kitchen renovation. 

Keep reading to soak up inspiration and ideas to improve your kitchen renovation process in this article.  

  1. Create an Open, Unified Space

One of the things to do to maximize your kitchen is to create an open, unified space. It should incorporate both the kitchen and dining room. One way to conquer this feat is to add a table in the center of your kitchen. You can only do this if your kitchen is spacious enough, however. Otherwise, it may be challenging to cook and eat in the same space. 

You may want to incorporate both your kitchen and dining room. If so, consider having the builder open a wall between them. Then, you can install double doors for you to pass through. This update makes it easier for you to move from one room to another and incorporate both rooms into one space. 

  1. Select the Perfect Lighting System

Another way to maximize your kitchen is to choose an efficient lighting system. Appropriate lighting will brighten things up and make the room feel inviting. 


If there are windows in your kitchen, consider adding a skylight. A skylight will help reflect more natural light onto the space. It also highlights decorations and other pieces you enjoy displaying. 

Floor Lamps

You can also add floor lamps to help illuminate the room. Place floor lamps near the walls when you have areas where sunlight doesn’t reach. That way, more light will highlight the darker areas of the room. 

Under the Cabinet Lighting

Also, think about the type of lighting you want under and on top of cabinets. Incorporating lighting there creates an attractive and practical space to store kitchen accessories. A lighting system also helps you with the organization of the area. With the proper lighting, finding things in your kitchen will be easier.

  1. Install Additional Cabinets

Also, take the time to think about the flow of the space in your kitchen. Installing additional cabinets can help you come up with some organizational goals. 

You can add shelves to the space above your refrigerator and create more storage in the pantry. Another way to gain more storage is to remodel the area underneath your kitchen cabinets. Add extra racks there to store pots, pans, and more. 

You can also add racks above the stovetop. That way, storing other kitchen accessories you need access to will be easier. If you’re not tall enough to reach accessories, though, place items you don’t need to access that often. It will be a pain to have to access a ladder daily to retrieve something you use all the time. 

Consider creating a new pantry or closet to put all your canned goods and dry ingredients. It’ll be ideal for holding everything in one centralized location.

  1. Add a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island adds much functionality and makes it easier to keep your kitchen clean. Adding a kitchen island will also help you with storage. It provides the perfect amount of space for adding things such as a dishwasher or garbage disposal.

Consider incorporating a small island in the middle of your kitchen. Ensure there’s enough room to access it from all sides. You can also add seating and storage underneath the island. This will help you by giving you more counter space and making mixing and serving dishes easy. 

Getting and using a prep island is another idea. A prep island comes with a sink for more flexibility in use. So, if you cook a lot, this could come in handy.  Attaching it to the base of your kitchen cabinets will work out nicely. 

  1. Consider Your Appliances

Another good idea is to consider your appliances before you start the project. You may have to replace some devices or buy others that allow you to be more structured in the kitchen.

Make sure that you check out your options before you make a purchase. Consider essential appliances such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, and range. Maximizing your kitchen is achievable by choosing efficient models that will take up less space.


Following the above information can help you improve your kitchen space and efficiency. By creating new ways to maximize the room you have, it is easier to manage and allows you to stay more organized. Furthermore, it’ll help you move around the kitchen easier and make storage more practical. After the project is complete, you’ll have an attractive and comfortable kitchen you love!

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