Five Great Anniversary Gifts to Get Your Husband in 2023

Anniversary Gifts



Getting gifts can cause some people to come out in a nervous rash, and if the present you are buying is to mark a key anniversary, then the sweat can really start to pour. Fortunately, we are here to aid your cause.

One of the main reasons that buying meaningful gifts can cause such stress is a lack of planning, so first off, make sure to start the ball rolling at least a month in advance, not least because if you are ordering anything online, it may take a while to arrive with you.

Anniversary presents are particularly problematic as they take a lot more thought than a birthday gift or a seasonal holiday, but that doesn’t mean you should phone it in, not least because the person you are buying the present for is clearly essential to you.

In 2023 the well-worn trope that revolves around men not being all that fussed or interested in romantic events like anniversaries, or at least less so than their wives or partners, is very out of date.

Perhaps a decade or two ago, there was a sense that a wife or partner wouldn’t have to overly worry about the occasion and what to buy, but that is definitely not necessarily the case now.

If you are buying presents for your husband, you may be struggling with ideas. Perhaps because he doesn’t drop enough hints or because he has everything he could possibly wish for; after all, he got you.

To help you come up with a fantastic anniversary gift, here are a few that caught our collective eyes.

Personalized Jewelry

The custom-made jewelry market is booming, and it’s easy to see why. You take the concept of jewelry and all the positive connotations that come with it (such as its value in relation to luxury, high-end, and longevity) and then combine it with a bespoke personal element that gives it a greater combined weight.

This anniversary, why not consider getting your husband a personalized item such as an initial necklace for men? The options here are nearly endless and are sure to go down well, especially if your man is a fashionable type.

Thoughtful Subscription Gift

Subscription gifts are very popular right now, and you can well see why. Here you are offering a present that lasts and is specific to an individual’s personality and desires. So, for instance, if your husband is a big beer fan, why not sign him up for a Craft Beer Club?

Here he receives a monthly selection of great beers as well as other exciting pieces. The one truly great thing about subscription gifts is that they are a gift that keeps giving long after your special date.

Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

Yes, you read that correctly. This is a small gift for the big kid that still lives inside your husband.

Amazingly, all you need to do is fold a paper airplane, and attachments that are delivered to you can be placed on it, and it can then be flown direct from your smartphone. And yes, it is as awesome as it sounds!

Personalized LP – Permanent Playlist

If your husband is a big vinyl-collecting nerd, then there really won’t be a better gift than this, and of that, we are sure. Here you’ll be gifting a vinyl record that is framed and encased in glass, and the record will have your names and the songs that best characterize your relationship.

You can design the label yourself or select one; then, you can have this framed on your wall.

This a very thoughtful bespoke gift for the crate digger in your life.

Wildhorn Gift Hamper for Men

If your man is a style guru or maybe just thinks that he is, then this is a great mid-price option when it comes to an anniversary gift.

This hamper includes a top-grain leather wallet, a smart keychain, and a pen and is very high-end and is a matching set that oozes high-end splendor without coming close to harming your bank balance, one of those presents that is nowhere near as expensive as it looks, which can never be a bad thing!

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