Video Projector Installation Miami

Video projectors are large-display TVs used to display images onto screens or other designated surfaces, used for everything from movies and TV shows to classroom announcements and announcements.

An investment in a projector requires professional installation from experienced installers – which is where Miami AV Company comes in!


Video projectors are light-emitting devices used to display images onto a screen. These can be found anywhere from homes and business offices to movie theaters; their lamps or LED power can vary and their styles range from short throw home cinema to commercial.

As soon as you select the perfect video projector for you, your Tasker will install it into your home or business and position it so that the image appears clearly on both walls and screens. They will also connect it to cable boxes, gaming consoles, DVD players and other devices if required.

Your Tasker will also test the brightness and contrast levels to make sure it will produce an ideal picture on walls or screens, then set up its power and network connections – covering wires if necessary!


Lunis Systems offers an impressive selection of top-of-the-line video projection screens designed to meet every budget, including standard floor standing models as well as motorized and wall hung options – plus they all come with free quotes! Additionally, our company specializes in audio visual equipment to accompany video projectors, including lighting solutions, sound solutions and staging equipment that is tailored specifically to you and your presentation.


Video projectors require power in order to operate efficiently, and depending on your model the power consumption may differ accordingly – so make sure it can meet the demands of your event! Video projector installation Miami provide high quality highly powered projectors for your next event.

First step to understanding video projector energy usage: determine how many watts your device requires. If your utility company offers a utility meter, use that instead. Otherwise, ask your electricity provider how much power the video projector consumes.

A watt is a unit of measurement used to describe the energy transfer rate of most consumer-grade electronic products, while electric companies typically charge in terms of kilo-watt-hours or kWhs. As there are 1000 watts in 1kWh, you can quickly convert your device’s power usage into something more manageable such as KiloWattHour (kWhs). Once you know this number, it’s easy to determine how much power is being consumed each month by video projectors like yours or find out just how many kWh your video projector needs.

Look no further, when in search for a video projector installation Miami contact Lunis Systems to provide you high quality products.


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