What Are Traditional Kilts? What is The Difference Between Modern Kilts and Traditional Kilts?

Kilts have been a symbol of Scottish culture and identity for centuries, and their popularity has grown with time. However, there are significant differences between traditional kilts and modern kilts, both in terms of their construction and their use. 

In this blog, we will explore the characteristics of traditional kilts, as well as the differences between traditional kilts and their modern counterparts. This way, you will have a better understanding of the rich history of the kilt, as well as its continued significance in modern Scottish culture.

All You Need To Know About Traditional Kilts

History Of Traditional Kilts 

The traditional kilt is a garment that is deeply rooted in Scottish culture and history. Originally worn by Highland clansmen in the 16th century, kilts have become a symbol of national pride and are recognized around the world as a distinctive piece of Scottish dress. 

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Construction of Traditional Kilts

Traditional kilts are typically made from wool and are constructed from a single piece of fabric. The fabric is pleated at the back and draped over the wearer’s body, with the excess fabric secured at the waist with a belt or waistband. 

The kilt is typically knee-length and is often worn with a shirt, jacket, and accessories such as a sporran (a small pouch worn at the front of the kilt), a sgian dubh (a small knife worn in the sock), and a kilt pin (a decorative pin used to hold the kilt in place).

Different Types of Traditional Kilt

Tartan Kilt

Tartan kilts are made from distinctive woven woollen tartan fabric with a pattern of intersecting stripes and colours. They are often paired on formal occasions and paired with numerous traditional accessories.

Great Kilt or Feileadh Mor

It is a full-length kilt that covers the entire body, worn in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Little Kilt or Feileadh Beg

A shorter kilt that is worn for day-to-day wear, in use since the 18th century.


It features a flat front and pleats at the back, worn as part of a formal outfit.

Irish Kilt

It is similar in style to the Great Kilt, mostly worn by Irish dancers and musicians.

Welsh Kilt

The Welsh kilt reassembles in design with the Little Kilt. It is typically worn by Welsh dancers and musicians.

Regimental Kilt

It features a specific tartan pattern associated with the regiment. Regimental Kilts are used by Scottish soldiers.

Dress Kilt

It is a kind of formal kilt that is used for special occasions. The dress kilt is made from finer wool, often styled along with a Prince Charlie jacket and other formal accessories.

Cultural Significance of Traditional Kilts

The kilt is an important symbol of Scottish culture and identity, and it has been worn by Scottish people for centuries. Kilts are often worn at Scottish events and gatherings, such as weddings, funerals, and Highland games. 

In addition to its cultural significance, the kilt has also become a symbol of Scottish national identity. Scottish soldiers have worn kilts into battle for centuries, and the kilt is often associated with bravery, honour, and strength. 

All You Need To Know About Modern Kilt 

The modern kilt, also known as the small kilt or walking kilt, is a type of kilt that has evolved from the traditional Scottish kilt. While it is still made from tartan fabric, the modern kilt is shorter in length and is often worn for less formal occasions.


The modern kilt is typically made from a single length of tartan fabric that is pleated at the back and attached to a waistband. It is shorter than the traditional kilt, typically falling just above the knee.

Types Of Modern Kilts 

Utility Kilts

They are made of heavy-duty materials and designed for everyday wear. Utility kilt usually feature cargo pockets and other practical features.

Contemporary Kilts

They are designed for fashion-conscious individuals. These kilts can be made from a variety of materials and are often shorter in length than traditional kilts.


Modern kilts are versatile and can be worn for a variety of occasions, from casual outings to formal events. They can be paired with a range of tops, from t-shirts to dress shirts, and can be worn with both dress shoes and sneakers.


Like traditional kilts, modern kilts can be accessorized with a range of items, including sporrans, belts, and kilt pins. However, modern kilts are often worn with more contemporary accessories, such as leather bracelets and watches.


The modern kilt has grown in popularity in recent years, with many people choosing to wear them as a way of connecting with their Scottish heritage or as a fashion statement. They are also popular among athletes and sports fans, with many sports teams having their own tartan patterns.

To Wrap Up

Both traditional and modern kilts have their own unique characteristics and purposes, but they share a common thread in their connection to Scottish culture and history. 

Whether you choose to wear a traditional kilt to honour your clan or a modern kilt to make a fashion statement, the kilt is a distinctive and timeless piece of clothing that is sure to turn heads. “Kilts For Men” is an authentic place you can trust for your future kilt purchases. 

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