How Often Should You Go to a Chiropractor?

You may be considering chiropractic care if you have suffered an injury or have been dealing with chronic pain. A chiropractor can alleviate your pain through different adjustment techniques for the spine. You may wonder how often and for how long you need to visit a chiropractor to see results. 

The Purpose of the Visits

A chiropractor promotes healing through manual adjustments to your spinal column, soft tissue manipulation, myofascial release, and other treatments. When you attend your first chiropractic visit, the chiropractor will assess your condition. They will determine what type of adjustment you need to get relief from your pain. 

The first visit includes a physical exam. The chiropractor may order X-rays to determine the condition of your spine. They will discuss your condition and medical history and develop a treatment plan. The chiropractor will determine how often you need to schedule visits and how long you should continue chiropractic care to achieve your goals. 

Initial Treatment for Injury

If you have been in a car crash, suffered a severe fall, or were involved in another accident that led to an injury or unresolved pain, chiropractic care may help. The chiropractor may use techniques to get the bones in your spine realigned to alleviate pressure on any compressed nerves. 

During this initial phase, the doctor may recommend that you return multiple times each week. The bones often go back out of place due to certain movements. This is often caused by a lack of muscle, inflexibility, poor posture, or other issues. The bones and joints will learn to stay in place over time with repeated treatments. As you see improvement, the chiropractor will reduce the number of visits until you feel less pain or discomfort. 

Ongoing Care for Chronic Pain

People who suffer from chronic pain can also benefit from chiropractic care. An adjustment can relax the muscles around a sore joint and relieve compression of a nerve that may contribute to the pain. It can also increase blood flow to the inflamed area. With improved blood flow and nerve function, the body is often able to heal itself. 

The chiropractor may schedule several visits within the first few weeks to start the recovery process. As you begin to see relief, the appointments may drop back to once a week or even less often. The goal at this point is to maintain the improvement you have achieved with the treatment plan. 

Wellness Care 

You may not think about seeing a chiropractor until you have a back injury or start suffering from chronic pain. Chiropractic treatments can provide many benefits even if you don’t have a specific issue. 

An adjustment can increase the range of motion, which will help you be more mobile in your everyday tasks. Regular adjustments can stimulate your nerve function, which can provide many benefits because they are no longer being compressed. Benefits may include improvement of organ function, leading to better digestion, higher quality of sleep, and more energy.

People with chronic migraines and sinus issues can often get relief with an adjustment. High school and college athletes may notice a difference in their performance with regular adjustments that target specific areas. 

If you’re seeking chiropractic treatment as part of a wellness plan, you may continue on a long-term basis. Many times, these appointments are scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or less frequently based on the unique needs of the individual. Chiropractic treatments can work as part of a wellness plan to prevent health conditions that result from specific activities, such as sports or labor-intensive jobs. 

Schedule an Initial Visit With a Chiropractor

Whether your goal is to speed up the healing of an injury, reduce pain from a chronic condition, or stay healthy with an active life, chiropractic care can help. Chiropractors schedule appointments based on the goals of the patient and their current health condition. You may need frequent visits or occasional ones depending on the specific issues and needs you have.

When you set up your initial visit with a chiropractor, they will answer any questions you may have. They will also seek to understand the severity of your pain to determine the right course of action. They can then discuss the frequency of visits and how it fits into your schedule.

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