Why It Is Important To Use Gusseted Pouches With Your Coffee Product?

When it comes to consumers, few customers exhibit more discriminating tastes than coffee drinkers. They inquire about such things as where the coffee beans came from and how the harvesting process played out. Above all, they care deeply about the rich flavors they enjoy each time they take a sip of their favorite brand. More than likely, these consumers notice more details about the packaging of coffee than the typical customer.    

For the above reasons, custom coffee packaging is a smart choice for your company. This strategy allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of digital printing technology. For example, you can print unique designs on gusseted pouches that use vibrant colors and quality graphics that stand out in the store or on the computer screen. Optimizing the appearance of your package does wonders for creating a bond with your customers. 

How To Protect Your Coffee

Discerning clients also seek products that embody high quality. This begins in the growing field and continues throughout the process from marketing to packaging to sales. High standards necessarily include protecting your food product from any type of compromise in flavor and freshness. Printed Mylar bags safeguard your coffee through several innovative features:

  • Strong and durable materials
  • Resealable closures
  • Degassing valves
  • High barrier films

Made from laminated food-grade plastic and aluminum, Mylar is the ideal material for maintaining food freshness. Its properties keep out light, moisture and oxygen, the enemies of quality coffee. Many industries consider it the gold standard when it comes to locking in freshness and retaining a long shelf life. It will reduce product waste and lead to greater customer satisfaction.

Mylar also has environmental benefits when compared with other packaging options. Its flexible, lightweight nature means that it generates fewer transport emissions and therefore produces a lower carbon impact. Its use is also compatible with recyclable methods and more eco-friendly films and chemicals. Furthermore, Mylar can help reduce food waste, a leading contributor to climate change.

Maintaining Freshness and Flavor

Few if any customers return to a product that did not deliver an enjoyable experience. For coffee, this means strong flavor and freshness. Many large companies now use gusseted bags for their food products as they keep food fresh while having the flexibility to meet other requirements. For example, gusseted pouches offer added convenience for customers because they are lightweight and resealable.

When it comes to package design, a gusseted bag offers abundant real estate to include beautiful graphics or to tell a compelling story. This available space allows designers to experiment with bold, creative graphics with the hope of differentiating a brand from a competitor. Since digital printing comes with less overhead than traditional printing, your company can run smaller orders with less investment risk. The larger surface also offers opportunities for customer reward programs that increase brand loyalty.

A successful packaging program has the potential to improve many areas of your company. This could lead to more growth and profits for your business.

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