Indian Symptoms of Having a Baby Boy

Indian Symptoms of Having a Baby Boy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases every woman, not the couple, not the whole family enjoys. No matter if it’s your first or second baby, the special love and care mean a lot for the baby present in the womb by the whole family members. It is always fun to have to guess the baby’s gender, the parts of the body like whom the baby resembles – dad or mom, and a lot more. Among all these predictions, gender reveal is more fun and exciting. 

In India, the grannies or elderly people in the home can reveal the baby’s gender by the mom’s daily activities like walking style, morning sickness, food pattern, and a lot more. Even though they may not be exactly 100% match, there are about few that can sometimes depend and vice versa. There are about 100 symptoms of a baby boy, which makes the pregnancy journey filled with fun and excitement.

Here are some of the best genuine symptoms of a baby boy listed below:

  • Pops out Acne:

Even though hormonal changes are completely normal during the stage of pregnancy; It is said that when the mom curries a baby boy, her acne will be quite more than normal ones. So, if you are someone who has less acne in a lifetime, and suddenly feel you are purging out more, then there is few percentages of chances for the baby to be a boy.

  • Food Craving:

Craving is something that is very much common at almost all stages of pregnancy. It might not be the case for a few; So don’t worry, if you don’t have any cravings. But there are two extreme cases, sweet and salty. When you prefer more salt and a sour taste in foods, this is one of the baby boy symptoms.

  • Chillness:

There are times when you feel extremely cold in summer, and extremely hot in the winter. The baby boy in womb symptoms says that when the woman has chill hands and feet irrespective of the climate, then there are about more chances for the baby to be a boy.

  • Immense Hair Growth:

There are times when you might feel the hair loss is less, and in other cases the growth is immense. In that case, if you feel the hair is growing at a faster rate, then the baby in your womb can be a boy. Even though this is not a 100% symptom of a baby boy, it may just give you a sort of hint.

  • Tummy Positioning:

Gaining weight is very common in pregnancy. The weight gain in the tummy denotes that the baby is growing, and the increase in breast size denotes that the milk supply is in the progress. When the weight of the overall body seems to be in a stable position, then this may be one of the baby boy’s symptoms during early pregnancy.

There are even more tips and tricks for analysing the gender of the baby during the pregnancy journey. Know more about them in detail from the best parenting website in India.

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