11 Cool Summer Holiday Destinations In India

11 Cool Summer Holiday Destinations In India

Holidays are one of the most cherished memories that we can collect to enjoy the current time rather than regret it later. This summer can be especially exciting and at the same time hotter than previous years. So, going for places filled with water can be a better option, since they can give you a cool climate for enjoying and saying bye to the hot sun for a week or so. 

If you are new to travelling or looking for unique and best places to travel for this summer, then you have come to the right place. There are quite a lot of Summer Destinations in India, which can make you amazed by its beauty and climate. Also never miss clicking the pictures with your loved ones, to frame the memories, which can last for years and years.

1. Ooty:

One of the budget-friendly spots, which makes you feel cool and the best during the hot summer times. It is in the Nilgiris district of southern India, which has the best places like doddabetta peak, a chocolate factory, a tea factory, boating, and a lot more.

2. Goa:

One of the dreamy places for the bachelors to enjoy the vibes with friends for sure. The sandy beaches, colourful people, beautiful sunrise and set spots, will just make you fall in love with goa.

3. Munnar:

A famous and common spot that you should never miss. It is the highest peak in the southern country. The panoramic view of the sea will give you the most stunning shots, even if you are not a good photographer.

4. Jaipur:

The pink city of India has been filled with positive vibes and pleasant colours. You will be able to check the best culture, and unique historical monuments like the city palace, Nahargarh fort, and the list goes on!

5. Kashmir:

Want to know how heaven will be? Then Kashmir should be your dream destination to travel to. A place which is filled with lakes, mountains, boats, and a lot more.

6. Coorg:

Want to know the meaning of beauty? Then, Coorg should be the first place that should pop into your mind. The abbey falls, enjoying water-related sports in calm and peaceful curry, might make your trip better than being ordinary.

7. Yelagiri:

Not afraid of heights? Then go to the peaceful high mountains in Yelagiri, which will just make your summer super cool. The trekking and boating experience will make your life just amazing.

8. Nandi Hills:

Are you someone who loves to see and feel the cold nearer? Then Nandi hills are one of the best places to go to enjoy nature and peaceful vibes. There is even paragliding, which makes you have a lot more fun.

9. Pachmarhi:

If you feel India does not have the best places to explore, then panchmarhi will change your thoughts. The dense forest, greeneries, and wildlife will make you have a lot more fun.

   10. Ladakh:

The mesmerising landscapes, crystal clear skies, and Buddhist monasteries will make your trip the best experience ever.

    11. Srinagar:

Never miss exploring the Dal Lake in Srinagar, which gives you chill vibes in this hot summer.

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