How to Update Your Home with Spring Colors

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Spring is the time of year when the outside world comes alive with vibrant colors. It is also time for homeowners to look around their houses and feel the urge to bring the refreshing rebirth of spring indoors. Whether it is through a spring cleaning, decorating, or renovating their home, spring is the time for household projects. One of the easiest ways to refresh your home is to add a new layer of paint to your walls. If you are considering painting your walls this spring, you’ll want to pick the best colors to bring in that springtime vibe.

Neutral Paints

In general, homeowners stick with traditional neutral color paint when painting their whole house, however, even the most neutral colors can bring in spring.  Neutral colors include whites, grays, and beiges. Neutral colors most often associated with spring are bright white, off-white, and soft white. These colors are most associated with a fresh spring cleaning.  They also bring an abundance of spring-like brightness to a room by acting as a surface for natural light to bounce off of.  

Earthy Tones

Another spring paint trend that seems to always come back in style is the use of earthy tones. Sage, forest green, olive, concrete gray, and desert brown all play into the natural feel of a warm spring day. To incorporate these colors, you can use them as a whole room color or if you are feeling timid about covering your walls in earthy tones, you can use them as an accent on your window trim, baseboards, or door trim.  

Bold Rainbow Colors

Additional spring colors that can be used in the home as an accent are butter yellows, bold orange-tinged reds, and lavender. These colors work especially well in the kitchen, where bold, playful colors add an energized feel to the room. To add these colors, you can paint your cabinets or even paint your kitchen island in a bold color, adding a vibrant spring feel and making the area an artistic focal point.  

Keep it Soft

Completely opposite to bold pops of bright spring colors are mild, muted shades of blues, greens, and pinks. These soft colors bring a sense of wonder and dreaminess that is reminiscent of an English flower garden. Soft pink is particularly popular in bathrooms and bedrooms. Soft shades of blue and green are great additions for entryways, bathrooms, and guest bedrooms.  

Finish it Off with Accents

To truly bring a house together, you need to add accents to your rooms. Window treatments are a great way to add spring colors without creating a massive project. Many window treatments can be found in bold spring colors, while others may be a neutral tone with small designs or accents of color. Make sure enough natural light is able to get in through your windows by tying your curtains back or sticking with sheer curtains. Other easy accents include decorative throw pillows and small accent rugs that display spring colors. Use new accent pillows in the living room, dining room, and bedrooms. Small accent rugs that display beautiful spring colors are perfect for entryways and the kitchen. 

Refreshing your wall color is a great way to refresh your home. Using popular colors such as earthy tones, whites, neutrals, muted pastels, and bold primary colors will energize your home with a fresh burst of spring colors.

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