Scenic Routes to Take on a Long Range Electric Scooter in Pennsylvania

Long Range Electric Scooter Is a Great Way to Explore Pennsylvania

More people are investing in long range electric scooters to commute to work and explore different areas. Not only are these cool scooters environmentally friendly, but they’re also much more fun to ride, making your trips more enjoyable.  

So are they a good option for exploring the scenic landscapes of Pennsylvania? Yes, of course!

Pennsylvania is famous for its beautiful landscapes and scenic trails. Home to gorgeous forests, waterways, and many parks, Pennsylvania has many locations where riding an electric bike is the best option.

Pennsylvania offers everyone something, from challenging trails to flat and easy terrains. That means it is an ideal haven for both amateur and seasoned riders. The Varla Eagle One will be an excellent choice for riding through such terrain.

There are several reasons why a long-range electric scooter is better than a regular car or other vehicles with electric mobility for touring off-road trails and paths. Here are a few of these.


Long-range electric scooters come with durable battery life. That means they can travel farther distances on a single charge. This makes them more convenient for commutes and reduces the need for frequent charging stops.


One of the best things about electric scooters is that they don’t emit any harmful fumes. Instead, electricity powers these scooters, making them more environmentally friendly than gas-powered vehicles.


Electric scooters are more cost-effective in the long run since they are low-maintenance and cheaper. In addition, their low fuel costs and eligibility for tax credits make them inexpensive to maintain.

Easier to Ride and Access Narrow Areas than Cars

Owning a long-range electric scooter means a faster and more economical commute. In addition, they can help electric scooter adult navigate narrow areas cheaper to purchase and maintain than a regular car.

Top Scenic Routes for Electric Scooter Riders in Pennsylvania

Here are some of the most beautiful and popular routes for your electric scooter.

Route 6: A Scenic Drive Through the Northern Tier

Route 6 spans over 3,000 miles from Provincetown, Massachusetts, to Bishop, California, almost traversing the entire continent. It is the longest, continuous transcontinental highway in the country, and riding your motor scooter on this route will take you through 14 states via Pennsylvania’s northern tier. Road 6 offers stunning views of the state’s best landscapes, small villages, and thriving cities.

Allegheny National Forest: A Wilderness Adventure on an Electric Scooter

The Allegheny National Forest is the perfect location to explore for amateur riders. Located in the northwestern corner of Pennsylvania, the beautiful and dense forest offers over 500 miles of trails featuring pristine streams and rolling hills. No wonder it’s also a popular destination for cyclists, hikers, and hunters. The forest has something for everyone, from challenging routes to easy flat trails. It also boasts the famous Kinzua Dam, which provides a spectacular area view. In addition, there are many campgrounds in the forest where electric scooter adult can stay overnight.

Gettysburg Battlefield: A Historic Ride Through the Civil War Battlefields

Gettysburg is where one of the most crucial battles of the American Civil War took place. That’s just one of the reasons why this part of Pennsylvania is on every rider’s bucket list. Even if you are not a history lover, you will love riding through this charming small town to indulge in the town’s rich culture and heritage. Exploring the historic site via an electric scooter is fun since you can see a lot more than you would when driving a regular car or from a bus.

Presque Isle State Park: A Beachside Ride Along Lake Erie

More than four million people visit the famous Presque Isle State Park, making it the most visited state park in Pennsylvania. History buffs will love exploring the garden while riding along the beautiful Lake Erie.

While the park offers a host of activities for visitors, such as fishing, swimming, boating, and hiking, it is a great park to explore on a motorized scooter. Don’t forget to relax on the beach and enjoy a scenic sunset after exploring this park in the Great Lakes Region of Pennsylvania.

Valley Forge National Historical Park: A Scenic Ride Through Revolutionary War History

This beautiful park encompasses 3,500 acres of woodlands, meadows, and monuments, honoring the perseverance and sacrifices of the Revolutionary War generation. But the best part about the Valley Forge National Park is that you can ride your motor scooter and learn more about the revolutionary war history. The 8.7-mile Joseph Plumb Martin trail is open to cyclists, hikers, and electric scooter riders and passes through some of the park’s main attractions.

Tips for Riding an Electric Scooter in Pennsylvania

Safety Tips for Riding an Electric Scooter

According to PennDOT, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, a motor scooter must meet the applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) for a motorcycle to operate on PA roadways legally. Therefore, the scooter must feature the manufacturer’s certification label showing that it complies with FMVSS standards. In addition, it must have a particular certification label, meaning it is designed to run on highways.

Rules and Regulations for Electric Scooter Riders in Pennsylvania: Speed Limits and Age Requirements

There is no unique law in Pennsylvania that governs the usage of electric scooters. Instead, e-scooters fall into the ‘motor-driven cycles’ category under Pennsylvania law. As a result, they are subject to numerous special regulations. For example, the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code forbids drivers from operating vehicles so slow that they obstruct the regular flow of traffic.

People riding electric scooters would have the same rights and responsibilities as those riding bicycles. However, people aged 16 and up can ride these scooters. In addition, electric scooters can’t exceed 15 to 20 mph and must feature reflectors and lights. Hence, the Varla Falcon can be a great fat tire electric scooter for riding through Pennsylvania, with a top speed of 22 mph.

How to Plan a Successful Electric Scooter Ride

Pennsylvania requires motor scooter riders to follow the same rules and regulations as motorcycle riders. That means all e-scooters must be registered and titled and have proper insurance coverage. In addition, they must have turn signals, fenders, lights, and other accessories to be considered road-safe.

When exploring the state, here are some essential things to include in your gear to ensure your electric scooter guarantees a smooth ride.

For example, wear appropriate gear before hopping onto an electric scooter adult heavyweight or lightweight motor scooter. Always wear a helmet when riding a scooter, no matter how long or short the trip is. Invest in a CPSC-certified bike helmet.

Add closed-toe shoes, gloves, and long-leg pants to electric scooter adult attire when embarking on a long trip to explore the scenic Pennsylvania state. Other protective gear includes knee and elbow pads.

In addition, make sure you charge your batter before every trip. Finally, keep a gear bag to pack appropriate accessories for longer rides. For example, a pump or tire slime.


Whether you want to explore the gorgeous tails and paths of Pennsylvania on the Varla Eagle One or the Varla Falcon, you will love the stunning views of the state. Don’t forget to follow our guide to explore the best areas of Pennsylvania on your long-range electric scooter and follow the rules and regulations.

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