Why is the Apartment Culture Growing in the Real Estate Industry?

There is not a single shadow of a doubt that real estate is a sector that is growing daily. It gives people great options to make money. This is the reason many are getting attracted to this market.

However, gone are the days when horizontal property planning was all the craze? There is nothing wrong with horizontal real estate. However, this is a concept that was old for many. In this way, a single person is able to own a huge land without a need and how to sell a house without a realtor. All this minimizes the chances of others owning property.

This trend was on the rise in the days when real estate was all about magnificent and large establishments. But now the population keeps on growing and the dynamics of the world are changing, and so is the real estate sector. Now the population is growing and this is leading to a shift in the real estate dynamics of the world.

The world is now shifting to the concept of a sustainable lifestyle. A sustainable lifestyle makes the best possible use of resources whether they are artificial or natural. Lahore Smart City is the best possible example of this one.

One such trend that is dominating the real estate prospect is going vertical. Going vertical means that rather than establishing property landmarks in a wide range across the land, single buildings and their construction are promoted.

You can majorly see this trend in the cities and one of the prime examples of it is the apartment buildings. There is a reason why apartment culture is growing in cities.

Let us explore the reasons in detail.

Overpopulation in Cities

One of the main reasons why cities are preferring the apartment culture is because cities are expanding. As more people are moving into cities looking for a better future and facilities. People are drawn to cities like a moth is drawn to a flame.

All the mainstream cities of the world are facing the burden of overpopulation. These cities not only have to host this wide population but also have to provide for the betterment of the people as well.

Cities now have only one option to tackle this increase in population and that is via introducing the apartment culture. Look around the world, cities such as NYC, London, and Boston all are riddled with skyscrapers and tall buildings.

Easy-to-follow Payment Plans

The Capital Smart City payment plan is a living breathing history of affordable real estate at its best. But that is not the case with all the other real estate projects. There are many real estate projects around that surely make a huge cut in the investor’s wallet.

Considering this, people avoid investing in real estate. Are you going through the same scenario? If so, the apartments are a reasonable option. It is considered to be a cost-effective and affordable option. Whether you are including the maintenance costs or the living costs, apartments are easy to live in and are not expensive.

You can also consider apartments as long-term investments. A rough estimate hints that the 2-bedroom apartment amounts to almost 20,000 PKR a month if we are to rent the property.

High-Security Prospects

One of the most sought-after things in the modern world is better security. Whether you have a family or not you do not want to live in an area that is high on the crime reports. That is why the idea of living in an apartment sits well with the residents.

Moreover, the people who are living next door also create resistance to the crimes that can occur in an area. We are not saying that it is the ultimate thing that will save you. But if we are to be real, people living in a vertical building have fewer chances to face security issues as compared to people who share the same community.

Furthermore, the more the height of a building, the less the chances of someone climbing in or breaking into the property.

Apartment in capital smart city islamabad complexes also come with the option of a high wall, strict security guards, and a boundary wall. It can restrict your children’s movements but on the other side, it promises security.


No debate that cleaning a flat or taking care of an apartment is an easy thing to do. It cuts on your house maintenance budget and provides a breather for you. There is no garden to keep track of, no outside porches, and no garage, hence the cost of maintenance is severely reduced.

The Bottom Line

Apartments are a way to live life to the fullest in the 21st century. The above-mentioned points are a clear representative of this statement. These points draw a clear picture of why apartments are the new big thing in real estate. 

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