What are the Features of Google Analytics 4 property

Google Analytics 4 property features
Welcome to Google Analytics 4, our next-generationmeasurement solution.
Universal Analytics standard properties will no longer process hits starting July 1, 2023. To preserve website measurement, the Setup Assistant has generated a Google Analytics 4 property for you. This Google Analytics 4 property is configured with some basic features that align with your Universal Analytics property, but may not be fully configured to achieve your specific goals.To ensure your new setup is personalized and designed to meet your needs, we encourage you to review your new Google Analytics 4 property.
To get started, you can follow these steps to validate your new Google Analytics 4property:
Ensure you are gathering the data you need
Validate that your Universal Analytics goals and conversions are in Google Analytics 4 if applicable
Confirm that all your Google Ads links from Universal Analytics have been transferred to your Google Analytics 4 property if applicable
Confirm you are bidding to the right conversion goals in Google Ads
Go through your Google Analytics 4 data and make sure it looks good
Confirm that you are bidding against the audiences that matter to you
If you have any questions about how or why this property was created, you can learn more on the Google Analytics 4 Help Center.
See you online,
The Google Analytics Team.
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