Which Restaurants Near Me Halal Food Providing

Do you know any restaurant that serves halal food near your location? Have you found one? Have you ever tried or struggled to find a halal food restaurant? Then you will be well aware that nothing is more challenging and difficult than finding a halal restaurant in a non-Muslim area. And this is the reason why many people start living only on things like vegetables, pulses, milk, eggs, etc. But they entirely ignore how essential chicken is to human health. 

As a high source of protein and other essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, vitamin D, iron, and zinc, chicken should be a part of every person’s particular meal. 

And for that, finding the right restaurant that provides halal food is necessary. But how do you find one easily? Check the list below to learn some ways to find one in your area.

  • Search on Google with the query “near me halal food.”
  • Use Google Maps to find nearby restaurants.
  • Asks people in your neighborhood.
  • Buy a map of your city and start searching (maybe a few restaurants are not shown on the Google map)
  • Use helping apps like Zabiha. 
  • Pay a full visit to your area on foot to find the restaurant. 
  • If multiple options are available near you, choose one after reading the previous visitors’ reviews. 

Which Restaurants Near Me Halal Food Providing In California

Here are the two best restaurants that offer halal-certified food to their customer. 

Crimson Coward

If  Halal Chicken is your priority, then there is nothing better than to choose Crimson Coward. Crimson provides the best halal food made from fresh, Non-GMO, and free from antibiotics and hormones. 

Healthy chicken used in their recipe is nutritious and good for your health. You can choose from various menus, including Nashville hot chicken, crimson sandwich, joy eat fries, sides, and extras. 

High-quality and fresh ingredients are used that make their food more unique and flavorful than any other competitive restaurant. Spice lovers will love the Nashville hot chicken at this restaurant because of its unique spices and halal chicken taste.

BiG AL’S Pizzeria

Halal Pizza lovers will be happy to hear the name BiG AL’S Pizzeria. It is one of the finest restaurants that serve the most delicious and healthy pizza. Chciekn used in their pizza is yummy and nutritious because they use halal chicken and fresh and high-quality ingredients to make it unique from others. 

You will also love their oven-baked wings, Bbq beef briskets, desserts, and other beverages. BiG AL’S never compromises on quality, making them the best of all. You will find it best and top of the list if you search for the best halal food restaurant near me.


Crimson Cowards and BiG AL’S Pizzeria are the best restaurants offering the best Nashville Hot Chicken and pizza, respectively, in California. To all those living in other places, you have to search for halal restaurants in your area with the help of Google search, maps, reviews, etc. 

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