The Importance of Soil Health and its Impact on Crop Yields

The supply of oxygen, water, root support and key nutrients is possible because of soil. Plant roots are delicate, and thus soil protects them from temperature fluctuations. Undoubtedly, healthy soils yield healthy crops, and thus food quantity and quality are linked to soil quality. Healthy soil comprises a dynamic and living ecosystem. This ecosystem houses larger and microscopic organisms to carry out a range of crucial activities. For instance, they convert decaying and dead matter to release nutrients into the soil. Even if you buy top tractor models, unhealthy soil will only result in low yield. 

Generally, farmers think that tractors in India can significantly impact crop yield. However, the truth is that tractors are just one of the determining factors. Soil health is at the top of this list. Thus, before exploring the list of top tractors in India, you must understand how soil health can impact your yield. 

Need for Soil Management

Healthy soil is beneficial to sustain crop production as it enhances the ability of crops to endure weather variability. Soil organic matter is a key property that management processes significantly impact. The goal must be to retain and replenish organic matter in the soil. There is a range of farming approaches that encourage the sustainable management of the soil and improve productivity. Examples include agroforestry, zero tillage farming, organic farming, conservation agriculture and agroecology. 

Buying and selling tractors in India is always on an upward trend as most farmers link farm vehicles to higher crop yields. You can easily explore the top tractors price list online to ensure which one is within your budget. If farmers do not have an understanding of imbalances in soil nutrient content, they will continue to suffer from low yields and margins. Following are some key issues related to soil health:

  • Physical degradation: Some of the common practices that result in the poor physical structure of soil include puddling, crop residue burning, use of machines for harvesting and excessive tilling. It has a huge impact on future irrigation and cropping. 
  • Decline in soil fertility: A large percentage of Indian soils lacks phosphorus and nitrogen. In addition, there is a deficiency of micronutrients like sulphur and zinc in fields. An infertile soil will never produce healthy crops as it lacks nutrient compounds and elements that facilitate adequate growth. 
  • Depletion of organic matter: If fertilizers are used incorrectly and excessively, it will have a damaging impact on the soil’s organic matter. It is recommended that farmers do not avoid organic manure to rely only on chemical fertilizers. This issue is more prominent in intensively cropped regions.
  • Chemical degradation: Pesticides and chemical fertilizers can degrade the chemical components of soil. The chemical degradation of soil results in its toxification, alkalization, acidification and salinization.

Soil Health Management and Higher Yield

Farmers work tirelessly to achieve a high crop yield. They learn more about tractors to take the help of technology. One can easily get all information about tractors on the Internet. However, they fail to focus on the most fundamental factor impacting crop yield. Soil health has all the key ingredients to influence crop growth and harvest. This health depends on various factors like organic matter content, pest control, water and air circulation and nutrient cycling. 


Most farmers want to buy tractors in 2023 for tillage purposes. However, they must understand that unnecessary tillage can cause damage to soil health. It is mainly because excessive tillage can decompose organic matter, encourage soil erosion and disrupt soil aggregates. Root growth is at risk as soil compaction is possible due to tillage. This is why several farmers are moving towards micro-tilling or no-till methods for soil health preservation along with improved water drainage and retention. Before you decide to buy tractor online in India, check the best tillage practices for your farm. 

Organic Matter

Organic matter impacts the overall soil health by impacting its physical and chemical properties. Soil fertility enhances when there is an exchange of nutrients between soil, water and organic matter. Farmers tend to exploit the soil for crop production. However, the problem arises when the nutrient contents and organic matter are not restored. This breaks the nutrient cycles, declining soil fertility. 

Decomposition results in the gradual deterioration of organic matter in the soil. Soil health will improve if crop residues return to the soil. Farmers can also add animal manure and compost as and when required. The extra minerals and nutrients offer fuel to the crops to get a higher crop yield. 

Crop Rotation

Crop rotation helps in preventing weeds and managing diseases and pests. Each crop needs a different set of nutrients. Due to this, the nutrient content of the soil gets balanced. A top tractor in 2023 can help conduct crop rotation practices using tractor implements. Another method is to plant cover crops in the absence of primary crops. In addition to this, cover crops prevent soil erosion, control pests, and improve water availability. 

Final Thoughts

Applying optimal quantities of key nutrients is essential based on climatic, crop and soil conditions. Farmers must understand that overfertilization results in pest issues. For example, if nitrogen levels are high, the resistance to pests will reduce. Nutrient management involves the correct place, correct time, correct rate and correct source. As there is diversity in moisture and physical conditions, a single soil management practice cannot be applied to Indian soil conditions. There is a need for a region-centric approach to maintaining a balance between ecology preservation and soil health. Along with these factors, soil health can be improved by maintaining suitable soil pH and reducing pesticide use.

If you are looking for a top tractor in India, you must also research the best soil management practices. A tractor will not help much if the soil lacks essential nutrients. Healthy soil will guarantee higher profits as farmers will enjoy greater crop yields. Not only this, but the crop will also be more nutritious. The urban population is increasingly moving towards healthier food choices. Thus, it makes sense to focus on maintaining and improving health. 

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