Android App Updates & Upgrades. When & Why to Do It?

Updating applications is important to keep them fresh and up-to-date with user requirements and market trends. Regularly updating aids in product and business growth by keeping users acknowledged about your app. The question arises when should you do the updates? Today we are going to discuss why and when you should update your android applications.

When to update?

There are three types of updates, or three times when an application is updated or upgraded. Bug fixes, adding a feature, removing a feature. 

1. Bug fixes

Bugs can arise overtime and android developers fix them from time to time. Know that bugs can be found anywhere and can be of any type. Even after testing problems can occur. After releasing and uploading your android application on the play store, focus on bug fixing and feature correction.

2. Feature addition

Upgrading, a.k.a feature addition, app is part of app evolution. Reasons to add features can range from users’ demand to scaling the application to improve and expand business. Informing users about the upgrade is done through update release. Push notification is something users cannot miss!

3. Feature removal

Removing a feature, sometimes, becomes essential. The reason can be anything, from buggy features to overcrowding the app with features and futile features. 

Look for user reviews and feedback to find what to remove and what to improve.

How often to update the app

Having features ready for release will help release faster and develop them better. Again, whenever you have to perform the above mentioned tasks update and release it accordingly. But balancing releases is also important. Here is how.

Monthly Updates

Of course, for monthly updates you would have to hire android developers. Hiring inhouse teams will always cost more and harder to manage. Most businesses these days are hiring offshore developers, and vteams is one of the best ones to hire from. 

Most of the top apps are updated on a weekly basis and usual demand is to have at least 1 monthly update. 

App Feature Release Updates

Feature type decides update frequency. With more features updates will be more and vice versa. Updating and upgrading existing features takes less time while developing new ones requires a lot more time. 

Why to update?

Updating and upgrading applications brings a lot of benefits. Here they are:

1. Keep users engaged

After a while users forget about the app. Regular updates keep them updated and engaged. To prevent users from switching off notifications for your app, first do not send too many notifications. Secondly, have a welcoming yet informative both app layout and notification. Show them the value you provide. For all these and more hire android developer from vteams, work remotely and get the job done by the professionals.

2. Keep users loyal

Getting and acting on feedback is the most easy and effective way of keeping users loyal. They will tell you what is wrong with the app and even intimate about the features it should have. Updating regularly and updating upon users feedback makes users feel included and valued. 

3. Keep the app noticeable

Regularly updating the application helps keep it active in users eyes. Even small updates count like: screenshots, keywords, minor UI changes etc,. 

4. Improve Reputation

With frequent updates apps are more likely to earn higher ratings on the app store, whether you are an android developer or iOS developer featuring regular updates is a must. Like mentioned above, top apps have a once per week update legacy and once a month update is necessary.

5. Keep the app on top

Upon release the app is listed on the novelties page but with time it gets lost amongst other applications. So, to keep your app prominent regular updates are required. 

On the contrary, too many and frequent updates can have a negative effect. Users can easily get frustrated with updates and either turn off notifications, stop updating the app or worst case scenario uninstall the app. 

So, find the golden balance and stick to it.

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