What is IEMs & Monobase Kato?

iem case for moonbase kato

IEMs stand for In-Ear Monitors, are portable, slim, and compressed and adjusted direct into the root of the ear while earbuds hang outside the ear.

Monobase Kato is a famous brand that is known for a supreme quality IEMs for music lovers and as well as professionals who provide a high quality audio output with noise separation, extraordinary sound quality and smooth feels.

KATO assumes a modern appealing design merging lightweight, and continues these design origins from Kanas KXXS. Thanks to the fresh MIM technology, more or less all products of KATO has been able to shoot up light and shadow designs, showing realistic and ironic layering.

Why is Case Necessary for IEMs Devices?

In ear monitors device are very sophisticated and fragile, which is why the case is necessary for their protection.

Monobase Kato Cases

IEMs cases developed for monobase kato are very unique according to their fragile and delicate style.  These cases are designed with hard core material inspired by hard shell that can protect IEMs from damage, rust, or any bend on their surface. They provide cases in different shapes, designs, sizes and also provide customize facilities for their valuable customers according to their requirements.

Key Benefits of Monobase Kato Cases

The outcome of using IEMs cases is plentiful

  • Protection
  • Safe Transportation
  • Clean & Hygiene


Before Purchasing the IEMs Case

Before purchasing the case should be according to size and shape according to need. The case has enough space for those IMEs occupied for their safety. Consider additional cable space or built-in pockets for accessories like cleaning tools and ear tips.

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