7 Songs we Expect Bad Bunny to Sing as Coachella Headliner 2023

Bad Bunny has no tour and numerous concerts this year but will perform as a Coachella headliner. This is only a small consolation after he announced that he would be taking a break from major tours and performances around the world in 2023. In addition to the success he achieved in 2022, it is quite expected that he wants to rest a little. It gives us hope that he is preparing something much bigger for next year, such as an album and more interesting concerts.

If one thing is certain, it’s that Bad Bunny tickets price would go really high at the same time he would schedule a concert. However, it seems like it will be a long time before that happens, so those who can enjoy a Coachella performance. But don’t get disappointed, because even the festival is a nice way to make up for the last year’s missed shows.

Also, are you curious to learn what songs he would sing? Even though no official lineup has been released, we have some predictions. We couldn’t help but guess what songs Bad Bunny would entertain his fans with. Here is the list of expected songs we would like to hear:

1. Yo Perreo Sola

The song “Yo Perreo Sola” is part of the album YHLQMDLG which was released in 2020. This song earned Bad Bunny the Latin Grammy for Best Reggaeton Performance. The singer dedicated this song to all the girls who want to go out and dance freely without being afraid of predators who see it as a provocation.

That’s why he hired the singer Nesi so that those verses could get context and meaning. But what is certain is that when you listen to the song, you really want to get up and dance.

2. Moscow Mule

This is a song from the successful album “Un Verano Sin Ti.” Just before summer, Bad Bunny released this song with an infectious beat. The title is reminiscent of the cocktail of the same name, which is refreshing and easy to drink on the beach.

And if you listen to the song itself, you will see that it reminds you of summer and a good mood. “Moscow Mule” did well on the charts in Latin America, especially Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, and Paraguay. Interestingly, it also consistently ranked high on the world charts, and in Spain, it received a triple platinum certificate for selling over 180,000 copies of the single.

3. Me Porto Bonito

When “Me Porto Bonito” was launched last year, the demand for Bad Bunny presale tickets spiked immediately. This is one of the catchiest songs you can listen to. The singer recorded the song in the same outfit he wore to the Met Gala, just hours after the event. In fact, he was inspired by himself and how he looked at the celebration.

The song features a guest appearance by singer Chencho Corleone, who we really hope will surprise you at Coachella. And as for the song, try to refrain from dancing. You will see that such a thing is impossible.

4. Titi Me Pregunto

“Titi me Pregunto” became very popular after the music video came out. The music video for the song features Gabriela Berlingeri, with whom Bad Bunny has a long relationship. And the beat is so infectious that Time Magazine chose it as the song of the year.

But in the lyrics, the singer talks about why he has problems with trust and can’t fall in love. He wants to have fun but not settle. The message is delivered to one of his aunts, who keeps asking him when he will get married, and finally concludes that he will send her an invitation when that happens.

5. Dakiti

“Dakiti” is a song from 2020, from the album “El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo”. Jhay Cortez appears as a guest act. With 2020 being a tough year for all of us, this song was a real refresher. That’s why it became popular in Argentina, Mexico, Spain, and even Sweden, Italy, Holland, and Portugal.

Dakiti is believed to be the name of an old beach bar in Puerto Rico where Bad Bunny spent most of his childhood.

6. Yonaguni

“Yonaguni” is a song that takes its title from Japan’s island of the same name. The song was released in July 2021 but is still a favorite among Bad Bunny fans. In the lyrics, he is emotional and sad, in fact, he is willing to travel to Yonaguni for the girl he loves to leave his new boyfriend.

At the end of the song, there are also some verses in Japanese. In the video, he tries to forget the girl, but nothing works. And we have to say, the combination of Spanish and Japanese sounds better than you can imagine. And we believe that during the Coachella performance, the song would sound world-class.

That’s why it’s one of the songs we secretly hope Bad Bunny will sing during the festival at least once.

7. Te Bote

“Te Bote” is originally a song by Nio Garcia, Darell, and Casper Magico. But after the remix with Bad Bunny and Ozuna, the song took on a whole new dimension. Then there was a third version, but Bad Bunny and Ozuna’s seem to have remained one of the most popular.

We really like this song, although we don’t think he’d sing it at Coachella. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with hoping that he still chooses her as part of his performance.

Final Thoughts

Coachella is almost here, and if you still need to figure out how to get concert tickets, consider checking the most anticipated ticket services online. And don’t miss the chance to watch Bad Bunny performing this year, as he decided not to tour or launch new albums in 2023.

But we can say Coachella is a nice option for those who missed last year’s shows. Ensure you buy your tickets on time because the demand is huge. And make a wish for your favorite song. Maybe Bad Bunny will sing it during the performance.


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