5 Best Trail Running Shoes for Any Kind of Terrain

If you enjoy running, you are probably going through some running shoes faster than others. This is why it’s important to find more durable shoes and when it comes to trail running, durable shoes are vital. The best trail running shoes are sustainable, comfortable and durable because trail running exposes you – and your gear – to the elements. Trail running shoes should be able to withstand the elements that they are put up against, should keep your feet dry and help prevent blisters.

While your road running shoes are mostly able to withstand hard-packed trails, trail running shoes should be able to withstand everything from steep inclines and technical terrains to wet and mud covered snow. Trail running shoes are generally stiffer through the midsole than traditional running shoes and should include rock plates to protect your feet from sharp objects such as rocks and sticks – without taking away the feel of the trail. 

5 Best HOKA Trail Running Shoes 

HOKA trail running shoes are designed to get you off the beaten track and are designed to suit a variety of terrains. HOKA trail running shoes have options for every type of runner, from those who prefer comfort for hikes and jogs to those looking to take on more hazardous terrain. Below, we take a look at HOKA trail running shoes for any kind of terrain.

  • HOKA trail running shoes for overall comfort

If you prioritize comfort then the Speedgoat trail running shoes by HOKA is your perfect match. The shoe has an almost 40mm stack and is renowned for its cushioning. The Speedgoat is an excellent fit for all kinds of runners, from long-distance ultra-marathon runners to casual hikers who prefer a relatively calmer trail experience. The Speedgoat is also specially designed to tackle technical terrains and go the distance – so you are ensured durability with these shoes. 

  • HOKA trail running shoes for lightweight comfort

As stated above, the Speedgoat offers maximum cushioning but the HOKA Challenger offers a high amount of cushioning too – but it’s an ounce lighter. With the Challenger, you will experience a smooth run on any trail as many fans of the shoe believe that it offers the sweet spot between being soft and firm. The shoe also features 4mm lugs and is designed for both trail and road running – win win! 

  • HOKA Trail Running Shoes for Greater Versatility

If you are looking for a trail running shoe that works for everything, from speedwork to long runs, you will love the HOKA Torrent. The name of the shoe speaks for itself as the very word means “a rushing stream of fluid.” You will certainly find yourself feeling fluid and free when you don your HOKA Torrents on the trail. The shoe is nimble in nature but also offers a soft landing impact, comes complete with a grippy and aggressive outsole and inspired confidence in all types and levels of trail runners. 

  • HOKA Trail Running Shoes for Speed 

If you are in the market for a bouncy and speedy trail running shoe option, then the Zinal is the trail running shoe for you. The shoe has a lower stack height than other trail models and provides a connected ground experience. The Zinal also features a durable Vibram outsole and is made for those who thrive on shorter yet faster runs through technical terrain.

  • HOKA Trail Running Shoes for Long Runs in Rougher Terrain

If you are looking for a niche shoe to suit your long runs on rugged terrain, then the Mafate Speed is the trail running footwear you have been waiting for. The shoe is designed to be race-ready and is made to withstand even the harshest environments with its responsive cushioning and aggressive Vibram outsole. The most beloved element of the shoe is its grip and it also comes with plenty of protective cushioning for longer runs. 

Born on mountain trails, HOKA trail running shoes are designed to conquer more than just climbs. With innovative neutral and stability running shoes alongside those trail icons, you are sure to find the perfect shoe for you. 


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