What do you need to know about the RJ45 patch bay?

RJ45 patch bay

Like buildings housing public services or businesses, residences are hyper-connected. Thus during the construction of a house or for its development, it becomes necessary to provide the location and the equipment essential to ensure the optimal functioning of the computer installations. The patch bay is one of those pieces of equipment that you need to have to achieve this end. Thus, one can opt for the RJ45 patch bay for the security of computer installations. Here is a quick overview of what you need to know about this computer equipment.

  • What is a patch bay?
  • What about the RJ45 patch bay?
  • How is an RJ45 patch bay installed?

What is a patch bay?

Also called a communication box, the patch bay is a kind of technical cabinet made of metal. It consists of metal inserts intended to contain and centralize all the elements essential for the optimal functioning of an electrical network or a communication network in a house. The patch bay therefore makes it possible to channel all the equipment that is interconnected in the house.

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The patch bay has a central role in the management of internet and intranet networks. In order to better distribute the wired connections which involve several connected devices, it is necessary to equip yourself with a patch bay. Thus, the network connection will be made at a single point to make connection easy. Whether it is telephony, computer network or electrical system equipment, everything is centralized to facilitate management.

The cables supplying these different devices are well arranged in the patch bay, which avoids clutter and facilitates computer maintenance.

The patch bay is formed by elements such as:

      • The router;
      • The switches;
      • The connectors;
      • distribution panels.

These main elements allow the patch bay to fulfill its role in the management of interconnected systems.

What about the RJ45 patch bay?
An RJ45 patch bay is a communication box much like an ordinary patch bay. It has patch panels located on the front of the ports which are conveniently organized on the back of the hardware to be united in a wall outlet. For this purpose, it suffices to use several jumpers or cables to join them in the wall socket.

What differentiates an RJ45 patch bay from an ordinary patch bay lies in the shape of the compatible sockets. The RJ45 patch bay is specifically compatible with sockets that have the same reference, i.e. RJ45 sockets.

RJ45 is a name that refers to “Registered Jack”, a registered trademark name. Network sockets and connectors with this reference are compatible with the RJ45 patch bay.

Thus, all the high-tech equipment of the computer network installed in a house must have these specific sockets to be interconnected in the RJ45 patch bay.

How is an RJ45 patch bay installed?

To install an RJ45 patch bay, you must start by carefully inspecting the equipment to master all aspects. It therefore amounts to measuring the height of the box and checking all the elements that make it up.

The installation of the RJ45 patch bay is done by fixing the patch panel to the cabinet with screws. As soon as the patch compartment is placed in the correct position, the cables must be connected to the corresponding ports. All that remains is to adjust the patch panel and the switch to the cabinet containing the cables.

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