In the all-digital era, marketing is obviously no exception to the rule. Indeed, marketing is becoming more and more digital, with technological innovations that open the way to new possibilities in this area (big data, data management platform, IoT, brand content, social networks, etc.). Ultimate goal: a better customer experience. So how do you take advantage of technology to develop an effective marketing strategy for brands? The answer with Confluent Digital reviews!

Marketing in the digital age

It is an understatement to say that digital has completely transformed marketing. Indeed, we are currently witnessing a real overhaul of the marketing strategies of companies, which no longer hesitate to rethink their value chains, their processes and their roadmaps. Because you should know that the very functioning of marketing as a function has changed from top to bottom. At issue: the evolution of consumer habits and purchasing behavior, precisely because of digital technology. All this in a context of digital transformation, of an unstable nature due to the intrinsic instability of the environment. Looking for a way to remotely access your account with the popular cloud-based accounting software, remote  ? Look no further than GlanceIntuit’s remote feature. With this convenient service, you can access your account from any computer or mobile device with internet access. Simply log in to your GlanceIntuit account, and you’re ready to start working on your finances.

The challenges of digital transformation and marketing

The good news is that today, technological transformation is within the reach of most, if not all, organizations. Indeed, they have many solutions at their disposal to rethink the customer experience, namely data marketing, AI, or even chatbots. Let’s look at all of this in a bit more detail:

Data marketing: marketing in the age of data

Data projects have gone beyond the simple technological framework, in that they are already beginning to interfere more and more in organizational and strategic approaches. As a reminder, data marketing gives companies the possibility of having a global vision of their customers, in a context where the great challenge of marketing is to have the tools that make it possible to optimize the customer experience. Thanks to data, practitioners have moved from mass marketing to individualized, tailor-made marketing, taking advantage of the better understanding of real-time customer behaviors and the analysis of market signals and trends.

AI at the service of predictive marketing

Let’s start by recalling what artificial intelligence is: algorithms that allow a machine to analyze and make decisions, which make it able to adapt to various situations by taking advantage of data to make predictions. Thanks to the interaction of systems with each other and with users or connected objects, artificial intelligence makes it possible to implement a predictive marketing strategy, which gives the most proactive brands the opportunity to adapt in time. real to changes in consumer behavior.

Chatbots to generate more leads

More and more brands are integrating chatbots into their marketing strategies, the goal being to generate more leads and implement conversational marketing. The great advantage of chatbots lies in their ability to provide a quick and personalized response to the Internet user, effectively replacing human customer services.


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