The Importance of eLearning and Why the UNG D2L is a Revolutionary Form of It


E-learning is booming and vocational training is at the heart of government priorities, especially for job seekers. A few hours of training in an eLearning program like UNG D2L allows you to acquire new skills to change jobs, obtain an employment contract, or even promote your integration. Continuing education also helps keep knowledge and skills up to date, in today’s economic world where the digital age is constantly evolving.

Why Online Training is a great option for your Career?

Technical skills are becoming more and more necessary for working life. Technology changes very quickly, which is why skills development is becoming increasingly important for job retention. Nowadays, in working life, using your professional skills and improving them is a necessity and an advantage to stay in the employability race.

Likewise, more and more people are also choosing to pivot their careers and diversify their skills. It is a way to gain new skills to also access professional development.

Self-paced learning through digital learning

There is a variety of online training offers with different training paths: continuing professional training (initial training), in-company training, and short courses… allowing everyone to be trained!

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The main advantage of online training is to increase knowledge at your own pace and according to a variety of schedules. There is no face-to-face to hold. E-commerce training programs, for example, allow anyone with an internet connection easy access to everything they need. Distance learning is the future!

eLearning helps stay relevant in a rapidly changing world

The pace at which the world is changing makes conservation a considerable obstacle. Textbooks quickly become obsolete, which not only represents a significant cost for schools, students, and businesses. This is a disadvantage for skill development. Students learn information that is already outdated. In an eLearning course, the material can be updated quickly and easily in real-time. This is particularly important for job seekers who need to move forward quickly in their job search. As new information and technological advancements become available, rather than having to update and reprint costly and environmentally unfriendly manuals, information can simply be added or updated.


Among the many eLearning programs on the “market”, there is one program that is very popular in the United States. It is the UNG D2L eLearning that moves further as it ensures learners can navigate their course better than before. They will also learn about how to use various kinds of tools to support teaching and learning activities. All the tutorials about it are available on the UNG D2L eLearning homepage.

How to participate in UNG D2L eLearning?

First of all, you need to visit the UNG D2L eLearning homepage because all the information available is there. There is a link to register independently. You can find it on the right side of the homepage. Not only registration links, but you can also find some video tutorials and all those eLearning resources. If you have difficulty in “dealing with them”, you can directly ask by email at

D2L Tutorial Videos - University of North Georgia

All available courses are listed under “My Courses.” If you don’t find a particular course, you can go to “view all courses.” The course you are looking for (as long as it is provided by UNG D2L) will definitely be there. Detailed instructions regarding courses can be accessed from “Finding and Pinning Courses.”

Some tips and tricks from the Online Student Success Team

The Online Student Success Team has provided some tips and tricks that every student can use. Detailed information about them can be accessed on our Getting Started with eLearning@UNG web page. Again, if you are still having trouble with it, asking for help via email at is the ultimate solution.

UNG D2L eLearning helps those who are not very computer literate

There is no need to worry about a lack of experience in using computers because every student can access technology tutorials packaged in the Goodwill Community Foundation. This is a tutorial package that guides the use of all things related to the internet and its supporting resources such as Microsoft Office, basic knowledge of programming, and so on.

There is free online tutoring 24/7

Every student can easily access free online tutoring 24/7 through Smartthinking. Smartthinking can be accessed directly through the D2L UNG course (online) and also at GoVIEW (for those who are studying in eCore classes).

IT Services Media

IT Service Media is provided by the manager for each student who has difficulty in the:

– UNG password reset.

– access to portal software.

– Two Factor Duo (2FA) authentication.

Meanwhile, the IT UNG Service Desk is available for other assistance beyond the three above. This assistance is available via email ( and telephone (706.864.1922).

Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor assists in lockdown during quizzes

This is a kind of browser specially created for locking environments. The environment lock in question is the environment lock during quizzes, ensuring that there is no third-party interference that results in cheating. This is a browser with very advanced AI technology.

Very sophisticated smart thinking

Smarthinking on-demand student support - How it works - YouTube

Again, this is a free online tutoring service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In other words, it can be accessed at any time by any student taking the UNG D2L course. There are various supported subjects, including Mathematics, Business, Writing, and Spanish as the second most widely used language in the United States.

Top Hat Platform

This is a kind of learning platform that emphasizes the activeness of students to take quizzes, fill in every poll submitted, share ideas, and other things that support two-way communication during learning.

Turnitin as a prevention of plagiarism

This is an advanced plagiarism prevention feature. Each instructor will integrate Turnitin into their teaching activities.

Blackboard Ally as an alternative format

And finally, for any student who needs alternative access to all the content provided by UNG D2L, Blackboard Ally is the best answer.

From some of the descriptions above, it can be concluded that UNG D2L is a revolutionary form of eLearning that covers many aspects of online learning, makes it easier for every student, and prevents cheating at one time.

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