Securing Your Campus with the Right Turnstyle Gate

Securing Your Campus

The security of any campus is under constant threat from a variety of sources. The risk of shootings, thefts, and other criminal activities can never be completely eliminated. One of the most effective ways to protect student safety is by selecting the right turnstyle gate system for your school. Let’s explore why this is so important and how to select the best turnstylegate for your campus.


Why Do Schools Need Turnstylegates?

The security threats on college campuses are growing, and this trend is cause for concern. While shootings remain the most concerning type of threat, they are not the only ones. The data shows that there has been a steady increase in thefts over the past few years as well. In 2021, there were over 4,000 incidents of theft reported on campuses nationwide. In 2022, this number had increased to nearly 5,000 incidents.


The security of any campus is under constant threat from a variety of sources. Although the risk of shootings, thefts, and other criminal activities can never be completely eliminated, there are ways to reduce the risk of these threats, and installing gates in schools is one of the sensible solutions.


As turnstylegates are an excellent way to control access on campus grounds while also providing a visual deterrent against potential threats or intruders. Properly installed turnstylegates can provide a secure entrance point into a building or space, as well as restrict access to certain areas. They can also help monitor who is coming in and out of a facility, allowing for better security monitoring and tracking.


What Type of Turnstylegate Should You Choose?

The type of turnstylegate you choose should depend on your specific security needs. For example, if you need a more secure entryway, you may want to consider using biometric turnstylegates such as those that read fingerprints or require ID cards for entry. These types of turnstylegates are more expensive but will offer greater protection than traditional mechanical turnstylegates.If you are looking for an additional layer of security, then latest turnstylegates may be a better option as they can be linked directly to existing CCTV systems or even used in conjunction with access control systems such as card readers or keypads.


In addition to choosing the right type of turnstylegate, it is important to find one that fits the size and layout of your campus grounds. The placement and installation of your turnstylegates should be done carefully so that they blend in with their surroundings while still providing ample protection and visibility when needed. You should also make sure that there is enough space around each unit for people enter in an orderly manner without any obstruction or disruption from outside forces such as wind or rain.


Finally, the security features and options that come with your turnstylesystem should be taken into consideration. Many turnstyle gateoffer additional security measures such as alarm systems or security cameras, which can help to further protect the safety of your campus. You should also make sure that you have a maintenance plan in place that includes regular checks and inspections of your turnstylesystem to ensure that it is working effectively and according to security standards. This will help reduce the risk of security incidents at your school and keep students safe.


Selecting the appropriate turnstyle gates system for your campus can make all the difference when it comes to protecting students from potential threats and intruders. By understanding what type of system would best suit your needs and taking into account factors like size, layout, placement and installation—you can ensure that your campus remains safe at all times while still allowing authorized personnel easy access when needed. With careful consideration and research, you can find the perfect turnstylesystem for your school’s needs!

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