Delegation is essential for business success


To grow your business, you must transfer responsibility, authority, and the ability to inspire and energize your team. To accomplish this, you must first learn how to delegate responsibilities.

What tasks can be delegated?

  • Routine and technical tasks;
  • Tasks that you are unable to complete on your own;
  • Tasks you can complete on your own;
  • Managerial.

Routine and technical tasks

The most irritating tasks that everyone has to do are as follows: regular tasks. Because they are slight, it appears that delegating them will take longer than doing it yourself. However, this is a delusion. You would reconsider if you could calculate how much time you spend on routine tasks.

Take the example that follows. Assume you own a company that rents out luxury cars all over the world. You respond frequently to comments and requests on social media and on the company’s website. Most questions are routine and business-related, such as when a client inquires about the cost of rent lambo in Dubai. You can delegate this task to free yourself from constant post monitoring.  You can also delegate the promotion of your car rental site, updating information on the availability of rented cars, etc.

You must write rules in order to delegate this task to someone else. Write as clearly as possible, using examples and avoiding terminology. Rules are appropriate for delegating any task, so use them for any delegation. If the task is important and pertains to your business processes, hire a lawyer to assist in the creation of a contract and standard templates.

Tasks that you are unable to complete on your own

The next type of tasks are tasks that you cannot do yourself. These can be both one-time tasks – to draw a website design, or regular ones – to deliver goods to customers by car. You need to approach the delegation of these tasks, just like the delegation of routine ones. But more attention should be paid to the selection of performers.

Before you begin working with the contractor, you must first comprehend the action plan. It is critical to remember that the plan will allow you to track the task’s progress and intervene in real time if something goes wrong. So there are no surprises at the end of the term because the performer didn’t have time to do it and you didn’t track and intervene.

Tasks you can complete on your own

You may occasionally think you are doing something correctly when you act alone. You create social media content, keep financial records, sell services to new clients, and so on. You will have to delegate these tasks at some point, and the sooner the better.

You will have to delegate these tasks at some point, and the sooner the better. These are the most difficult tasks to delegate because you will always believe you are the best at them. And it will be correct. Nevertheless, can you advance if you only write cool texts or communicate with consumers? Most likely, no.

Furthermore, you must find a performer who will do it differently than you, but still achieve the desired result. After all, the result is what matters in business, not the process.


The main engine for scaling your business is delegation of management tasks. When you find someone who can solve managerial problems on an equal footing with you, you have the opportunity to grow quickly and significantly. Increasing business and revenue performance through multiplication. When hiring a director or manager, delegate to him all management options for the area for which he is responsible and where he should demonstrate results. He must be able to hire and fire people, make his own decisions, manage money (within the scope of his responsibilities), and be accountable for the overall outcome. Both for success and failure.

It is critical that such a person is motivated for the company’s business performance, both financially and in terms of opportunities. Also, make certain that the individual shares your company’s values and mission,  has an opinion, understands how to present a reasoned argument, and he is honest and responsible.

Start to delegate and build a team. Look for like-minded people and those who think along the same lines as you. Those who will row with you in the same boat and work as a team. Recruiting people is an art, but this is the secret of successful companies.

Golden Words

You must write rules in order to delegate tasks to someone else, for example you can hire software development team for creating a website and discuss all the details with them.

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