Mcfit Rainer Schaller hat das Flugzeug 2019 gekauft und den Piloten Rolf

Mcfit Rainer Schaller Flugzeug

 Mcfit Rainer Schaller hat das Flugzeug 2019 gekauft und den Piloten Rolf Lips von der Charter-Fluglinie mit übernommen. Wir fragten ihn, was genau in seinem Sinne passiert ist.

What is Mcfit?

The  Mcfit Rainer Schaller hat das Flugzeug gekauft und den Piloten Rolf. Er ist sehr zufrieden mit der Wahl des Mcfit-Modells, denn es ist sehr stabil. Außerdem hat er die Möglichkeit, an einem Testflug teilzunehmen. Die Kosten für den Testflug beliefen sich auf 190 Euro.

How did Mcfit Rainer Schaller buy the 2019 airplane?

 Mcfit Rainer Schaller and his team at Mcfit are excited to announce that they have bought the 2019 airplane. The airplane is a new, large C-17 Globemaster III aircraft which is used for transporting cargo and troops. Schaller stated that this purchase will help their company become even more successful. The airplane was purchased from an individual who no longer needed it and was looking to sell it.

Who is Rolf Lips?

Lips war von 1968 bis 1989 Geschäftsführer des Elektro-Installations-Unternehmens Polygraph und von 1984 bis 1988 Vorsitzender der Gesellschaft Deutscher Ingenieure (GDI). Er ist Ehrenmitglied der Plastics Institute of America, German Engineering Foundation, and the American Society for Testing and Materials.

What will happen to the airplane after Schaller has finished with it?

 Mcfit Rainer Schaller, a German entrepreneur and aircraft owner, has just purchased an airplane from McFit Aviation, a small aviation company based in Austria. The aircraft is a Schweizer 269 GTX, which was manufactured in 2002. Schaller plans to restore the airplane himself and turn it into a showpiece for his collection.

Schaller has always been interested in aviation. As a child, he would spend hours flying model airplanes around his backyard. After graduating from college with a degree in engineering, Schaller decided to pursue his interest in aviation full-time. He started his own company, Schaller Aviation Solutions, which provides engineering consulting and aircraft maintenance services to private pilots and businesses.

Schaller is excited to restore the  Mcfit Rainer Schaller GTX himself. The airplane is in good condition overall, but there are some repairs that need to be done before it can be flown again: the engine needs to be replaced and the landing gear needs to be repaired. Schaller plans to have the airplane restored by December


 Mcfit Rainer Schaller hat das Flugzeug 2019 gekauft und den Piloten Rolf angestellt. Beide freuen sich auf die neue Aufgabe.


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