Top 5 reasons to study interior architecture

Imagine working hard on a project. Months or years later, you see a magnificent building in front of you that everyone admires. If you were an architect, you have a high chance of saying, ‘I designed that!’ Seeing the results of your hard work is the most rewarding feeling and the first step to success.

If you want to know how buildings affect people’s lives and emotions and wish to see the tangible result of your efforts, you should consider a degree in interior architecture. Here are other reasons to study this course:

Transferable skills

Architects enjoy drawing, imagining different ideas, sketching, and getting inspired by the creation of something unique and beautiful. Your obsession with painting and designing at college would be your most useful skill at the university. You also develop strong strategic and logical thinking skills. These are transferable, which means you can apply them in any personal or professional aspect of life. 

Travel and discovery

While completing your interior design course in India, you create many new connections with people, travel, and discover new horizons. No matter if you are in a supervising or consulting position, you can wander the world to look at the initial design of your work and watch your idea turn into reality. 

Once you go to another country, you can tour, experience the culture, feel the rhythm, and come up with new inspirations of how you can contribute to making a place or space look spectacular. You can work on offices, retail, residences, institutions, hospitality, and conservation projects, and specialise in interior styling, interior designing, and visual merchandising.

Rewarding and fulfilling

Being an architect means working overtime to meet tight deadlines set by clients and the urge to continue working on your project until it becomes unique. You seek perfection while avoiding mistakes. Once done, you suddenly look at the real building and enjoy the fruits of your labour. 

Another field equally in demand is fashion design, where you sketch designs of clothing, footwear, and accessories, select fabrics and patterns, and give instructions on how to make the products.

Studying at schools

Do you see yourself as an architect responsible for designing a house, a school, or an office space? Enrol in a design college in India accredited by a recognised board. Make the most of the opportunities with the best facilities. Complete the four-year undergraduate course with eight and 16-week on-site internships to gain experience in the field.


Architects design the spaces where we spend the maximum time of our lives. Besides, it is the only reason why they earn appreciation and a significant income. While you complete the course along with internships, you learn to create spaces and experiences by responding to the way humans interact with and inhabit them.

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