What Degree Is Best for Fashion?

If you are dreaming about a career in fashion, then a degree in a related field would be one of the best ways to rank well in the industry. By studying topics such as art, design, textiles, and computer design in the school of fashion design, you will develop the skills necessary for creative work, independently and in a team. Let’s see which major you can choose to perfectly match your career ambitions.

Types of Fashion Education

The whole variety of specialties related to fashion can be divided into:

  1. Studying fashion design and technology, development of textiles, footwear, or a certain category of clothing.
  2. Studying business, communication, and promotion degrees with narrow specialization in the field of fashion.

A diploma in fashion can be obtained both at a traditional university and specialized educational institutions strictly focused on the industry. For example, Istituto Marangoni offers its applicants to get a diploma in both fields. There are the following specialties:

  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Styling
  • Fashion & Luxury Brand Management
  • Fashion Innovation & Luxury E-Commerce and others

Classic universities tend to be more academic, while fashion design school Florida will allow you to learn a variety of creative and technical skills, build a professional portfolio, and exhibit your work.

How to Choose the Best Fashion Study Program?

Fashion is closely linked to creative freedom, so opt for courses that allow you to tailor your learning to your talents through elective choices and a one-on-one studio stay. Also, good programs offer:

  • Opportunities for internships and co-education;
  • Classes with practicing teachers;
  • Obtaining practical work skills to create your portfolio;
  • Communication with potential employers and other industry partners.

Look for schools that, like Istituto Marangoni Miami, offer programs stimulating students’ ambitions and dreams through creativity and innovation. It will also be useful to obtain a diploma from an institute with a high level of employability, which offers quality services for career growth and student development.

Stages of Earning a Degree in Fashion

Most Bachelor’s programs in fashion have a similar degree structure. At the beginning of the course, you will gain theoretical knowledge of the core subject and begin to develop key technical skills. The following years of study will help you deepen your knowledge and broaden your skills. You will be offered more practical work and participation in projects in various disciplines.

Also during the training, you can take additional short professional courses, for example:

  • Design classrooms;
  • Pattern-cutting studios;
  • Computer software lessons related to the latest fashion technology.

All this will prepare you for a major graduation project of the last year, such as starting a fashion line or a fashion magazine or developing a corporate or marketing strategy for a fashion business.

In most cases, a Bachelor’s degree in fashion is enough to take the first steps in your professional development. However, for those who do not want to stop their study and are eager to continue their education, Istituto Marangoni Miami offers a Master’s degree. If you are planning to start your own business, for example, you can gain managerial and financial skills geared toward the fashion industry.

Career Opportunities for a Specialist with a Degree in the Fashion Industry

A degree in the fashion industry alone is not enough, especially if you want to have a successful career. The competition is very high, so you will need to get as much work experience as possible during your apprenticeship and complete a few fashion internships before you land your first full-time job.

Usually, fashion graduates get a job on the staff of a trademark, designer brand, or online store, but they can also become a freelancer or even start their own businesses. They need to be familiar with both current fashion trends and classic looks and have a feel for what clothes consumers will be buying. Even the process of designing clothes is not just the ability to draw sketches but also an understanding of how they can be embodied in finished garments.

Keep in mind that during your studies, you will need to receive a lot of additional education to be a competitive specialist. For example, fashion designers are responsible for choosing the fabric to be used for a given piece of clothing, so you must have a good understanding of textiles. In addition, clothing designers must be able to present their ideas with the help of computer-aided design.

If you have chosen a social or financial direction of study, be prepared that you will be required to have the skills to:

  • Predict fashion trends and consumer behavior;
  • Manage procurement and supply chains;
  • Apply elements of visual merchandising (create store layouts, storefronts, compose lookbooks);
  • Analyze sales;
  • Organize advertising campaigns.

Dreaming of connecting your life with fashion, it is not necessary to choose the above-mentioned professions. You may consider pursuing a degree in fashion journalism or fashion photography.

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