How to Grow your Account and Increase Traffic with Video Views

Grow your Account

In case you are using social media app for various endeavors such as your business, it is important to note that media app video views is probably becoming an essential metric that you may consider keeping tabs on. A significant number of social media users are cognizant with the necessity of video content for purposes of building their brands. For instance, your target customers may want to see your product or how you execute your thought leadership. Subsequently, if you are looking for ways to grow your account as well as increase traffic with video views, here are two tips to assist you.

  1. Consider Decoding Your Social Media Video Views

You are probably on a vacation somewhere and at the end of the day, you reach your phone and log on to your social media account to share the videos you took during the day with your followers.  Later on, you decide to re-watch your story again, probably to check who has watched the video you shared earlier on. Furthermore, if you check again later on, you’ll probably notice that the list of those who have watched the video you shared earlier has increased.

  1. Improve How You Decode Your social media Video Views

However, it’s also probable that the order of followers who have watched the video you shared continues to change slightly. Additionally, there is also a likelihood that you’ve often assumed that viewers are listed chronologically, based on when they viewed your video. Nevertheless, you notice that it’s not the case, which probably means that some media app is not notifying you on who is viewing your profile the most by listing them at the top of the viewers’ list of your media app stories. As such buying instagram views with famoid, for instance, can help to improve how you decode your social media video views.

  1. Engage More With Followers Who Frequently Check Your Profile

Social media app offers many opportunities that you can exploit to your advantage. For instance, since some app shares not only who views your stories, but also regular in-feed video posts, you are in a position to know the platform’s users who are taking their time to not only view your profile, but also engage with your content as well as making their effort to look for anything new that you generate. As such, you need to engage more with these types of followers who constantly view your profile.

  1. Find out what resonates with your followers

You can try to find out what resonates with your followers or consider sending them a quick message to find out, for instance, what they would like to see more from you. Also, those keeping tabs on your profile could be your competitors. As such, try to make efforts to also keep a watch on them and if you notice that their content is damn good, it’s wise to consider studying them with the aim of looking for ways to make your content more appealing. For instance, you may consider connecting with these valuable followers.


When it comes to buying instagram views with famoid, for example, can help to not only grow your account, but also increase traffic on your account. This is because; you’ll be able to have more real as well as targeted followers in addition to increasing traffic as well as a growing community in the long run.

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