Must-have Gear for Police Officers

Many young police officers ask themselves the question: what equipment do they really need for their work, and what can they do without? In fact, there is no single list that is universal for all cops: it all depends on the nature of the work that they do. For example, the equipment list of an officer serving in a rural area will be different from the police equipment list of officers from a large city.

However, there is a certain list of things that you need to carry with you regardless of the place of work and your duties. The work of a police officer is unthinkable without them, so it makes no sense to go on patrol without having them with you. We have prepared a Patrol Officer Checklist that will save time and ensure that important items are not forgotten, and we bring it to your attention.

Body-Related Cop’s Must-Haves

Let’s start from the basics and what duty gear you should definitely purchase in the police equipment store, for example, on the Galls brand’s website. For daily duty, you will need a professional police uniform with insignia, at least two pairs of comfortable shoes or boots, and a light stab and bulletproof vest. You will need a large number of pockets to always have with you:

  • Radio
  • Mobile phone
  • Tactical gloves
  • Keys and wallet

A flashlight will also be indispensable: these things can be very useful when you need to see much better than the “bad guys”.

Police Gear of the Duty Belt

The other following items that a cop can’t do without are police tactical gear:

  • Compact, light, and powerful primary duty weapon with an additional magazine to the one in your gun. Firearms may be needed very rarely, but they should always be polished and loaded.
  • Intermediate weapons such as Baton, Mace, or CED. They carry no lethal force but can be a good addition to a verbal command.
  • Handcuffs. If you do not want to make your belt too heavy, choose one type of handcuff that is convenient for you in the police equipment store. Sets of handcuffs of different types will allow you to have more options for fixing and also, if necessary, immobilize several people at once.

An optional but incredibly useful tool for gaining control over a person and a situation without causing serious injury or death in threatening situations is pepper spray.

Goodies in Patrol Bag

Police gear for a patrol bag should not overburden you and make it difficult to find the right things. Fill it with the equipment that is really useful to you in your work and will facilitate your service, for example:

  • A set of disposable flexible handcuffs that will help you out in emergency detention scenarios.
  • Additional ammunition: cartridges, spare magazine.
  • A spare flashlight, such as a headlamp, allows you to free your hands.
  • Chargers and batteries in case your flashlight or cell phone runs out of power.
  • The multi-tool is an indispensable thing for minor repairs or removal of license plates from a car.

In addition, you should not forget about the patrol first aid kit. It should contain not only plasters and painkillers but also vital health equipment if you need help with injuries: tourniquets, pressure bandages, and gloves.

You will need the rest of the gear based on the requirements for the equipment and the way it is stored on your site. Some have enough space in a police car to store a bulletproof ballistic shield, rifles, or shotguns. We have listed the equipment that a cop should always have with them when going on a mission. Do not take unnecessary equipment with you so as not to burden yourself and the car.

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