7 Benefits of Working in Miami, FL

White sand beaches? Check.

Delicious restaurants showcasing a rich variety of culinary traditions? Yes.

Sunshine and fun? You bet.

Exquisite turquoise and aqua dominated landscape? Welcome.

Think about Miami, and your brain is more than likely going to think of a good time.

There’s a reason over 24 million people chose to vacation in Miami, and for those who are blessed enough to be able to work there? It’s a dream come true!

If you recently got a job, relocated, or are part of the nomadic workforce and are headed to Miami, you’re in for a treat.

One word to the wise before we begin – for all the perks that Miami has to offer, housing can be tricky. Check out Travelers Haven, they offer flexible corporate housing solutions. Which is perfect if you need to be in Miami by a certain date, and don’t want to jump into signing a lease right away.

Here are some of the top benefits of working in Miami, including some unexpected ones that some may not realize.

  1. No State Income Tax

While the cost of living is a little higher in Miami than the rest of the state, Floridians are lucky to have no individual state income tax. 

Which, for those who are moving from places that do have individual state income taxes, is a definite plus. In addition, sales taxes are slightly lower than the United States average.

  1. Healthy Job Market

If you just landed a job in Miami and aren’t looking for another one, it’s at least good to know there’s more out there – should anything happen.

The jobs aren’t all in the hospitality industry either. Miami has career opportunities in all sorts of fields.

  1. Fun in the Sun

How do you take your outdoors? 

Some like to lay around in it, basking in the rays of the sun. 

Others prefer to surf, hike, and explore. Some gladly choose all of the above.

For all the ways you can enjoy the outdoors, Miami supports you.

It’s lush and tropical, full of unique surprises and delights. 

From tours of the Everglades and private sailing lessons, to simply spreading a towel on the warm sand and relaxing to the sound of the waves. Miami has everything you need after a day at the office, or to unwind over the weekend. And the warm sunny climate means you can indulge year-round.

  1. Restaurants Galore

As Cesar Chaves said, “If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… The people who give you their food give you their heart.”

Miami has heart. It’s rich in diversity and culture – always a plus – especially for food-motivated folk. 

With its Caribbean, Cuban and South American influence, visitors delight in the Cuban sandwich and flavorful arepas. And who could say no to the deliciousness that is churrasco?

From food trucks to 5-star restaurants, your taste buds won’t be disappointed. Miami has it all.

  1. Lifestyle

If lifestyles could be expressed with a facial expression, New York would probably involve a furrowed brow, and Miami is hands down a smile.

What’s not to love about a place where flip flops and a cover up are considered normal attire? 

Where life does not mimic the rigidity of where the hands on the clock are, at any given time?

For those who crave a laid-back lifestyle and are looking to detox from a fast-paced burnt-out state, look no further.

As soon as you’re off the clock, there are tons of ways to kick back and relax.

  1. Entertainment

Miami is positively throbbing with entertainment, and is famous for its nightlife. 

With film festivals, food festivals, performance art centers, music venues and clubs, you could potentially have plans every night of the week.

Social butterflies and extroverts delight in the fact that they’re never bored, and introverts enjoy that there are options. 

It’s not all loud throbbing music, crowds, and flashing colors either. There are all sorts of events and happenings in Miami, always.

  1. It Feels Like a Vacation

Living in Miami can feel like a vacation, because for many people who don’t live there, that’s where they choose to vacation.

Most people can’t afford to go on a vacation every weekend, but those who live in Miami can hit the beach or other hot tourist attractions as soon as they’re off the clock.


Miami is a place that’s so full of life, it’s impossible to live there and not have a life. 

It’s a unique one of a kind spot, just waiting to show you – and everyone – a good time.

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