Computer Glasses – Your Complete Guide


You are sitting in front of your laptop with your back leaning towards your screen, you have squinted your eyes to get a clear sight of the screen. You are wondering if the computer glasses, you have heard so much about, will do any good for your eyesight.

Well to answer this question, yes, computer glasses available on lenskart eyewear will help you in seeing the screen more clearly, relieving the digital eye strain and blocking or filtering the blue light from your screen.

What Are Computer Glasses?

We, as humans, cannot see the blue light emitted from screens and do not realize the adverse effects it has on our eyesight. Exposure to a digital screen like a laptop, mobile phone, etc can cause headaches, make your eyes dry out, or blur your vision when moderation isn’t practiced.

Computer glasses, also known as blue light glasses, help in reducing these symptoms and protect your eyes from the harmful symptoms of blue light.

What Is Digital Eye Strain?

Digital eye strain is a modern-day illness that includes symptoms like blurred vision, double vision, eye fatigue, irritated eyes, red eyes, eye twitching, and headache.

In this age and day, nearly 80% of adults are using digital devices for more than two hours per day and about 59% of people report having symptoms of digital eye strain.

What Is The Blue Light Which Is Emitted From Digital Devices?

Our lives have started revolving around smartphones and laptops and this prolonged usage has escalated our exposure to the harmful light that is the blue light emitted from digital devices. Just like UV rays from the sun, blue light can be both positive and negative.

Blue light puts our brain in alert mode, helps memory and brain function, and elevates our mood. But prolonged exposure to this light has long-term effects on health. Constant exposure to blue light over time can damage the retinal cells causing vision problems like cataracts, eye cancer, etc.

How Can You Reduce The Effect?

There are some ways in which you can reduce the side effects of blue light –

  • Avoid using devices before bedtime. Blue light exposure affects your nighttime sleep routine.
  • Follow the 20-20-20 rule to reduce the risk of digital eye strain. This will take your eyes off the screen for some time.
  • Get glasses that are designed to filter this blue light. This will ease the strain on your eyes and block harmful blue light.

Are These Glasses Worth It?

These glasses work on almost all digital devices including laptops, computers, mobile phones, etc, basically anything that emits blue light. By wearing these glasses, the emissions are relatively lower but prolonged exposure may lead to the symptoms mentioned above.

Too much blue light is also responsible for a disturbed sleep schedule, which is one of the reasons why it is advised to avoid seeing a screen at least 30 minutes before bed.

Wearing these glasses can help in falling asleep, staying asleep, or having a more peaceful sleep. Generic lenses that can filter blue light reduce the negative effects by 10% to 23% without diminishing the quality.

Computer glasses with yellow-tinted lenses increase the comfort of viewing digital devices for a long time.

Who Can Wear Computer Glasses?

Anyone who uses a screen can reap the benefits of these computer glasses. However, adults who work in front of a screen for a long duration can get the most out of these glasses.

With this being said, anyone who does not wear prescription glasses should also consider using a pair of computer glasses. The blue light-blocking coat can be applied to both prescription and non-prescription glasses.

How Do These Glasses Block Light?

Computer glasses have an anti-reflective coating and tinting that reduces the glare which bounces off from the screen. It filters the excess blue light and boosts the onscreen contrast between your eyes and the computer screen. This will help your eyes to see clearly and interpret images present on the screen.

What To Look For In Computer Glasses?

For maximum viewing comfort, your lenses should include an anti-reflective coating. Look for lenses that assure blocking 50% of blue light. Less than 50% blockage may expose the wearer to eye strain and a possibility of sleep cycle disruption.

Glasses that have tints like amber or yellow are intended for screen use as these enhance contrast between screen and eyesight.

How To Find The Right Computer Glasses?

Finding the right pair of computer glasses is as important and difficult as finding a good pair of regular glasses. A few things to keep in mind while you chose these glasses are –

  • Frame Material

You can either choose lenskart frameless specs or specs with frame. If you select glasses with a frame, choose a frame material that is comfortable to wear for a long period.

  • Lightweight Glasses

If you do not wear glasses normally or are new to wearing computer glasses, consider lightweight glasses.

  • Oversized Style

Choose a large or oversized style of frames as they will allow you to have a wider field of view of your monitor and workspace.

Is A Prescription Required For Computer Glasses?

If you do not wear prescription glasses then you can purchase computer glasses without an eye care professional’s prescription. If you have prescription glasses, near-sighted or far-sighted, or have astigmatism, then you will need a prescription to add the blue light filter to your pair of glasses.

Can I Wear Computer Glasses the Entire Day?

Computer glasses not only protect your eyes from the adverse effects of blue light but can also include your prescription and are worn throughout the day, even when not viewing a screen. These glasses do not harm your eyes in any way, so you can even use them as your primary pair of glasses.

However, if you feel discomfort in wearing it all day then you can visit your eye doctor and consult them.

Wrapping Up

Working in front of a screen can leave your eyes fatigued and this is when computer glasses can help you. They help in reducing the symptoms of digital eye strain and protect your eyes.


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