HomeMore Experience Center: Fueling Your Creativity

HomeMore Experience Center: Fueling Your Creativity

With over 60 years of experience, we are the leading furniture leg supplier and manufacturer and bases for café, restaurants, homes, and offices. We also provide OEM service and design manufacturing on demand for all kinds of metal works to be used inside like offices, homes, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, and schools.

Innovation and your life

We reaffirmed our commitment to improving people’s lives by improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation. What are some differences between “we” and “I”?

Understanding our customers and meeting their needs is a prerequisite for us.

Designing products that meet the needs and desires of people are the basic elements of the design approach of HomeMore.

This new approach led to diversification of our product range and to develop systemically new product design.

With HomeMore bringing modernity that matters to you, our “innovation for your life” brand line is the simplest expression of our brand promise.

Innovate to create a meaningful, measurable, sustainable change.

Our strategic focus – driving value creation

HomeMore plays a significant role today as a leading manufacturer company in the international markets who redefine living spaces with their products that are coordinated with one another and that can be easily personalized by enabling better outcomes across the decoration continuum – thereby creating value for their customers.

Businesses bringing innovations to market

We focus on two different markets: professional (furniture industry) and consumer (DIY stores, wholesalers, etc.).

HomeMore Design Team provides clients with outstanding designs, and is passionate about creating positive change through products that add value to life and the environment.

Integrating Cutting-Edge Technology into Modern Furniture

Save Space Without Compromising Style

HomeMore is a furniture manufacturer that wants to provide modern furniture for the modern household.Q: How do I change default font in the terminal?

We help your audience develop unique and marketable space-saving solutions that will encourage your audience to experience next-level comfort and freedom.

Smart Furniture for the Modern Home

Living in an easy-to-use home is important. User experience and comfort influence consumer purchase habits.

HomeMore redefines the value of furniture to a living space by offering products that have added features and functionality influenced by modern technology. For more information, Visit https://www.ihomemore.com/

HomeMore Experience Center: Fueling Your Creativity

HomeMore has become one of the leaders in the manufacture of smart and space-saving furniture, products that are elegant and sophisticated.

We’re always looking to improve our products, so visit our Experience Center today to see what we have recently added.

Our ideas:

Modern Designs

We want to create the best and most accurate designs based on our clients’ expectations.


We provide a high level of care and attention during the designing, planning and implementation of any project.


We offer a unique service, where we design all kinds of furniture fittings.

Operational Experiment

Operations of manufacture and distribution are completed with the significant efficiency

Manufacturing Process

Our team of experts make sure that the products we produce for our clients are produced according to their specifications and their needs and are notified in advance of

Quality Assurance

We have our quality at the highest grade based on the materials we use and the technology in our total manufacturing system.

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