Facts About Automobiles That Are Interesting


The automobile journey began back in 1886 with Germany being the cradle. Karl Benz, a German Inventor, came up with the first automobile with wire wheels and a four-stroke engine. He called it Benz Patent Motorwagen which became the fort self-power automobile. Karl Benz became the inventor of automobiles of the modern day which have been built over time. An automobile is a wheeled motor vehicle with one to eight seats used for transporting people.

This article outlines some of the interesting facts and statistics about automobiles that will blow your mind. These facts will spread across some random facts about car origin, maintenance, and constant technologies introduced into the automobile world. Buckle up and enjoy the journey. Unsurprisingly since the automobile was invented, people have ben driving too fast and having crashes.  If you are injured in vehicle crash you will need help from a legal practitioner with car accident injury claims experience. 

Interesting Fact #1

From historical realms, the first cars on the road used a lever in place of wheels for steering which was designed and worked as a joystick. It served the purpose until a steering wheel was introduced.

Interesting Fact #2

Chevrolet introduced the first car radio in 1922. Some countries and stated were against radio installation in the car when it was first invented. This was owed to the concern that it would distract drivers and perhaps cause accidents.  This was not welcome and so the debate did not go through and by 1963 most vehicles had radios.

Interesting Fact #3

The inventor of the Cruise Control feature, Ralph Teetor, was blind. How inspiring is that!

Interesting Fact #4

The first ever recorded automobile accident occurred in Ireland in 1869

Interesting Fact #5

Fredric Henry Royce and Steward Charles Rolls established the first Car and Airplane engine-making company in 1906. The company later rolled out the first car in its history known as the Silver Ghost in the same year.

Interesting Fact #6

Volkswagen, a Germany Car Company, has named a number of its cars after the wind. For instance, Jetta stands for the jet stream (wind stream), Polo for polar winds, Passat stands for trade wind which is a German word and Golf means Gulf Stream.

Interesting Fact #7

Ferrari 250 GTO is the most expensive car ever sold at an auction; it was sold for over $ 38 million.

Interesting Fact #8

More than 92% of vehicles driven in Brazil are powered by ethanol.

Interesting Fact #9

Los Angeles has more cars than the number of people living there.

Interesting Fact # 10

‘New car smell’ consists of more than 50 organic compounds which are volatile and used to manufacture the vehicle

Interesting Fact # 11

Cars are made up of approximately 30,000 parts such that a car owner cannot master them all. A driver is forced to hire a technician who has mastered in class these parts; otherwise, a driver knows the general parts like a few engine parts, brake pads, dashboard lights, and headlight specifications.

Interesting Fact # 12

Mary Anderson, a woman, came up with windshields to ease the hustle on drivers as they drove in the rain, mist, or fog. The drivers had to get out of the car occasionally to wipe the window shields in such weather conditions

Interesting Fact #13

The creation of first electric car was in 1832. General Motors produced the first electric vehicle in the 1990s in masses which the drivers currently prefer to purchase to fuel engine cars. This is influenced by the campaign to reduce Carbon Emissions into the atmosphere.

Interesting Fact #14

Toyota Corolla is the best-selling car with more than 43 million people purchasing it since 1966. The car model is found in so many parts of the world and is doing better with the frequent upgrades and effective use of gas making it a reliable car.

Interesting Fact #15

Brunei, 29th Sultan owns more than 7000 cars of different models in his backyard. His collection includes the most popular car models as well as the rarest and most unique cars.

Interesting Fact #16

95% of the cars driven by Americans are automatic automobiles owing to how easy it is to drive them. 5% of the drivers still prefer manual cars which are still available in the market.

Interesting Fact #17

The most common car colors are gray, white, and black which are evident on the road. Yellow, green, purple, and orange colors are the least preferred and are rarely seen on the road.

Interesting Fact #18

50 pounds of wiring in the car is made of copper and 10 of these pounds wire non-electrical systems. 

Interesting Fact #19

95% of the lifetime of a car is spent on parking and most of this time is at night. Only 5% is on the road. Ensure your garage is safe for your car since it will spend most of its time there.

Interesting Fact #20

The first three-point seatbelt came to being in 1959. A Volvo engineer, Nils Bohlin, has the credit for discovering the seatbelt. By 1968, all cars were required to have seatbelts fitted for safety.

Interesting Fact #21

Toyota tops in car manufacturing in the world. One of the mind-blowing facts is it manufactures 13000 cars in a day! They have a vast market too and at times when the cars are limited, the company’s cars are valuable and so exclusive. The cars are also affordable and so they always have a market.

Interesting Fact #22

A car owner spends 400 dollars on maintenance each year to increase its lifetime. When one fails to service the car effectively, it will have numerous breakdowns which will call out more money than the owner would have spent on regular servicing.


Us sharing 22 facts you did not know about cars helps you look at your automobile with a better perspective as you fall in love with it. A lot has been invested in developing maintaining car production in the world and massive work done to keep up with the demand.  Could you be in doubt about anything concerning your car, do not hesitate to conduct the mechanic near you or any other car professional to answer the questions. Automobiles have come a great way and new technologies are discovered daily to improve the functionality of cars.

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