3 Tips to enjoy your dried flowers long(er)


We give you 3 tips to enjoy them as long as possible! 

What is the difference between fresh flowers and dried flowers? 

Dry flowers have a different growing and transportation process than cut flowers. As a result, dried flowers are a whole lot better for the environment. Dry flowers have a much longer shelf life and are also easy to maintain. This is why we are fans of a dried flowers bouquet of a christmas flowers bouquet and other natural dried materials to incorporate into our collections. 

  1. No bright sun

Dried flowers do not like direct sunlight, unlike their fresh counterparts. You often see dried flowers coated with color to give a brighter effect. If they are exposed to bright sunlight for an extended period of time, that layer will disappear and the color will become fainter. So: best not to put them on windowsills or balconies because they are often in the sun there.

  1. Avoid water

Once upon a time, they grew from water….  but during the drying process they are hung dark for several weeks (or machine-dried in a drying oven). Their water supply from the stem is interrupted so the flower goes into dormancy. If the flowers are exposed to moisture afterwards (think also of dew outside in the morning) they will start to rot. So be careful, but ideal for people who already forget to water the plants.

Bohemian interior

One of my absolute favorites! And luckily not just my favorite home decor style, because it is quite on-trend! Bohemian interior design is all about neutral and natural tones. Colors that you will often see in nature. Materials that fit very nicely into this interior are wood, linen, rattan and products that are woven. Does this resemble your interior very much and is this also your taste? Lucky you, read on quickly.

As already mentioned the bohemian interior is all about natural tones. Sometimes mixed with some neutral colors like yellow ochre, army green or maybe a touch of burgundy. If you have incorporated one of these colors into your interior, we have the following tips.

  1. Change

Dry flowers will never replace fresh flowers. After all, a fresh bouquet can always bring some variety into your home. A new color palette, new shapes. Different vases give your bouquet a completely different look. You may have to cut off a piece of the stem (note: this is permanent, of course), but in a different vase, your bouquet can stand out in a completely different way.

How long can I store dried flowers?

How long your dried flowers generally last will depend on a few different factors. These include where you put your dried flowers, how dusty and humid it is in your home, and of course what kind of dried flowers they are. The short answer is that a bouquet of dried flowers will last 6 months to a year, if you take good care of your dried flowers even much longer.


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