5 Great End Of Year Employee Gifts

When it comes to employee gifts, there are many options out there to choose from. If you’re looking for an idea, you might like to consider tax-deductible gift cards or a customized bag. There are even some options that are computer and smartphone accessories. Check Snappy to learn more about it.

Tax-deductible gift cards

When buying tax-deductible gift cards for employees, you can avoid the pitfalls that come with cash or checks. While cash and checks will always be taxable to the employee, gift cards are tax-deductible as salary expenses. This means you can add the value of the gift to your employees’ paycheck. To ensure your gift is tax-deductible, make sure to inform your payroll processor about the gift and gross up the value.

Purchasing gift cards for employees is a great way to reward your employees without a huge cost. You can give them tax-deductible gift cards for any amount up to $25. Additional costs can also be deducted as long as the total amount is under $100 per employee. Gift cards and gift certificates are one of the easiest gifts to give because they can be used like cash. However, employees must report their receipts to be able to claim their deductions.

Gift cards are considered fringe benefits by the IRS. They are not formal employee benefits, such as pensions and health-reimbursement plans. As such, they are tax-free for the employer. However, they may still be taxable. Employees may also receive gift cards as a form of payment for occasional meal expenses or transportation costs incurred during overtime.

Gift cards are a popular way to reward employees and make them feel appreciated. However, the tax implications of gift cards should be carefully considered before purchasing them. Employees are eligible for deduction if they are given a gift at the end of a year or are offered on a special occasion. These gifts are generally considered to be fringe benefits, so their value is deducted accordingly.

Customized bags

Customized bags for employee gifts can be a low-cost way to acknowledge your employees’ work. Custom bags can be embroidered or crafted from metal. They can also be printed using thermal transfer printing or digital printing methods. These gifts will relieve anxiety and make your employees feel appreciated. You can use them to advertise your company’s name or brand.

For employees who love chocolates, consider offering them a gift box filled with delicious, handmade chocolates. This gift is great for co-workers who don’t always have time to make sweet treats. A nice gift box filled with energizing snacks and high-quality office supplies will keep your employees focused.

If your employees use their phones or other tech devices at work, consider giving them a personalized bag that protects them. There are laptop bags with company logos, messenger bags with custom imprints, and tablet sleeves. Many of these bags are TSA-compliant and checkpoint-friendly. Tablet cases and printed covers are also great corporate giveaways.

Swag bags also make great holiday gifts for your employees. The contents of a wellness swag bag can contain a variety of products for employees to enjoy, including face masks, customized soap, and essential oils. These items can help promote mental health in the workplace and promote work-life balance.

In addition to employee gifts, you can give employees fun and interactive games. An interactive game is great for bonding with colleagues. An animated cartoon can be a memorable gift for employees.

Computer accessories

Personalized computer accessories are a great way to make a company stand out among the competition. These useful accessories can also be given away at trade shows. The key is to find the right ones that meet the criteria of the target audience. These can range from a simple pen or high tech connected speaker to the latest USB key and external hard drive.

Computer accessories can be a great way to express appreciation to your employees. USB sticks are indispensable items that let people store data from different platforms. You can personalize these devices with a message of your choice. You can also purchase an external hard drive and include a personalized message on it. This gift will be appreciated by employees and will surely make them feel special.

Whether your company is celebrating its anniversary, launching a new product, or optimizing an advertisement campaign, computer accessories are a great way to show your appreciation for your employees. Small CE gifts such as headphones, USB keys, and desk clocks make excellent gifts for your employees and customers. They can also be branded with your company’s name.

If your employees spend a lot of time working on the computer, gift them with computer accessories to make their lives easier. Monitor stands enable them to work comfortably at the right distance, which increases productivity. If they work from home, you can give them an adjustable keyboard tray to improve their typing posture. You can even buy an adjustable ring light, which is ideal for lighting the screen during video conferences.

Smartphone accessories

Giving customized phone cases to your employees is a great way to reward them for their efforts. You can also use custom phone stands as giveaways at trade shows, community events, and other promotional activities. The wide selection of tech gifts from Positive Promotions ensures that you will find a product to match your promotional needs.

Smartphone accessories are an excellent gift idea because they are inexpensive for you to give, but not expensive for the receiver. Even small things like a mug or a phone charger are welcome presents. Android phone accessories are also useful gifts, since they are made for this type of device. These gifts can also be used on other mobile devices, such as smartwatches and laptops.

A custom cell phone stand will keep your employees’ phones in place, while allowing them to make Zoom calls while watching a video or listening to music. It’s portable, convenient, and easy to use. A custom deck of playing cards is another great employee gift idea. They can be used to play games or for personal use.

Promotional phone stands are also a fun idea for employee gifts. These accessories can be personalized with your company’s logo. The key to custom phone accessories is to choose something that looks fashionable and stands out from the rest. The more unique and stylish they are, the more likely they’ll use them. It’s also important to avoid giving an outdated model. You should only order a limited number of custom phone accessories, though, as the trends are always changing.


Drinkware is a great way to show your employees that you care about their health and wellness. Custom drinkware can convey your company’s values without relying on merchandising materials. Custom drinkware is a great way to bring a company and its employees closer together. It is also a great way to promote a company’s mission and vision. Drinkware is not just for drinking; it is also helpful for people with kidney disease and high blood pressure.

Purchasing drinkware as an employee gift is a good way to show your employees that you appreciate their contribution to the company. You can even choose to include other gifts in the drinkware. Many companies have their logo printed on the drinkware so that the recipient feels appreciated. Employees also appreciate receiving a gift that shows how much they mean to the company.

Drinkware is also useful outside the office. It can keep beverages fresh. It helps reduce the risk of heart disease. Research shows that people who drink water on a daily basis have lower chances of developing heart diseases. Additionally, water helps prevent blood blockage and coronary artery disease. Drinkware can also help employees stay hydrated while at work.

While wine glasses and wine bottles are great gifts for celebrations, mugs are often overlooked when gifting drinkware in a corporate setting. Coffee mugs, however, can be a suitable alternative for wine glasses. You can customize coffee mugs to include your company’s name and logo.

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