How to celebrate Ramadan and Eid as a restaurant owner

Ramadan and Eid as a restaurant

The month of Ramadan is well known for its blessings and its feasts. Muslims around the world observe fasts from dawn till dusk and typically eat heavy meals afterward. As a restaurant owner, you will be busy catering to a large audience. 

Your customers would be looking forward to consuming food and drink in large quantities. Make them feel at home, give them a good experience, and most importantly, good food, and your customers will keep returning. 

To reach out to a large number of people regarding your special Ramadan offers, you will need to follow some tips and tricks. 

Play To Your Strengths

Every restaurant specializes in the kind of food and experience they offer. Some offer buffets, some offer the experience of fine dining while others may offer fast food. As a restaurant owner, you know your strengths which you should focus on during this time. 

Offer deals that will offer the maximum amount of food to your customers for reasonable prices should be your focus. Consider “all-you-can-eat” offers as well. Your customers will only consume a limited amount so you don’t need to worry about running out anytime soon. 

Put Up Themed Decor

The ambiance is an important part of the dining experience. Of course, your restaurant will have its own identity which you can keep and add a few smaller decorations to your establishment. Lanterns, Arabic calligraphy, and Ramadan or Arabic-themed decoration pieces can go a long way.

Muslims typically break the fast by eating dates and as such, you can make decorative food art using dates. Moreover, you can also order special date-related drinks and deserts. It’s a small gesture but something that can go the extra mile towards giving your customers an authentic Ramadan experience. 

You can also put on some moody Arabic music to set the ambiance. But keep in mind, not to do that until the fast has been broken or during the time for the call to prayers. Doing so is considered disrespectful and it will have the opposite effect than intended.

Use Posters To Advertise

Consumers react best when information is presented to them in a visually appealing way. The best way you can promote your restaurant and the offers you would be running is via posters. We recommend using an online graphic design tool such as PosterMyWall to easily design your posters and flyers. 

You can find hundreds of pre-made Ramadan posters from the gallery which you can customize according to your specifications. 

Just take a few pictures of your food items, add in your logo and some graphics with some information about your deal, and viola! Your poster is done!

Nandos did the same by creating a poster and then sharing it on their social media. It catches the eye instantly and consumers are likely to avail the offer when they visit the restaurant.

You can also create something from scratch using PosterMyWall’s easy-to-use tools. Instead of using a pre-set template, you will start with a blank slate. You will be able to make a Ramadan Ramadan flyer in just a matter of minutes.

A well-known fast-food chain McDonald’s put up flyers on social media regarding special offers during Ramadan. These flyers were also shared via traditional promotional mediums such as billboards, newspapers, and even television. 

Send Out Eid Greetings To Loyal Customers

With Ramadan comes Eid, the festival that follows the month of fasting that is full of cheer, gratitude, and even more feasting. Muslims spend this time eating freely with their family and friends. Some cook at home while others take this opportunity to go out and enjoy some fine dining. 

At times like these, customers appreciate it when they feel like they matter to their favorite brands. Be it a restaurant, a clothing brand, or something else; they will like it when they are remembered.

You can take advantage of the situation and send out eid greeting cards to your most loyal customers. Doing so will make them feel appreciated and they will be likely to remember your restaurant when eating out during this time. You can easily create a card for this purpose using the various tools available online such as PosterMyWall. 

The site offers hundreds of Eid card templates that have been designed by professionals. All you have to do is just fill in your details where necessary, and modify them according to your tastes and you will have your Eid card.

Rice Bowl did just that by creating an Eid greeting card and sharing it on their social media pages. You can go the extra mile and send these cards directly to your special customers via email or regular post. 

Ramadan and Eid both will be challenging times for you as a restaurant owner. Since you will be operating during select times throughout the day, the business might be slower than usual. As long as you keep at it, promote and market your establishment, and set the right tone, you will come out on top.

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