FAB CBD Provides Solutions for Consumers and Their Furry Friends


It seems like everywhere you look, CBD is being touted as a miracle, providing people with some intriguing solutions with a simple drop of oil. And now, it seems that people aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this natural compound – pets are getting in on the action too. While a still-emerging subsector of the fast-growing CBD industry, cannabidiol powerhouses like High Tide Inc.’s FAB CBD are helping pave the way toward the introduction of pet-centric CBD into mainstream society.

CBD for pets is becoming an increasingly popular treatment option, and for good reason; CBD has been shown to be effective for use in both animals and humans. And because it is derived from hemp rather than marijuana, CBD is non-intoxicating, “high-free” and safe for most animals across a range of sizes. For its part, FAB CBD has been instrumental in providing informational content and blogs about CBD use in pets to its loyal customer pace through its website, using its reputation as one of the world’s top cannabidiol companies to educate the masses on how CBD can benefit both them and their pets.

Of course, with 90.5 million families, or a whopping 70 percent of U.S. households, owning at least one animal of their own, many loving pet owners may be concerned about the quality of product they’re administering to their furry friends. Luckily for FAB CBD customers, all of the company’s CBD products (both for humans and pets) are third-party tested for safety, quality and efficiency ahead of release – a meticulous methodology the FAB CBD team intends to hold true to as the CBD market continues to expand.

“We put enormous effort into making sure there is no weak link in the process, ensuring only the best outcomes for our customers,” said Operations Director, Emily Ciliberto.

As such, FAB CBD’s proprietary CBD Dog Treats have become a shoo-in favorite for pet owners across the country and the world. Completely devoid of THC, corn, wheat, soy, and dairy, FAB CBD’s dog treats give a power-packed boost to a pup’s health while removing any potentially aggravating factors from the equation along the way. Carefully portioned to provide just the right dose of CBD for dogs’ digestive systems – plus, labeled with a handy guide on how much to give based on a specific dog’s size and weight – FAB CBD’s dog treats positively help pups while likewise adding a positive boost to dogs’ overall wellness along the way.

“Our elderly dog (nearly 16) was exhibiting ‘sundowning’ behavior and wandered endlessly every evening,” one customer detailed about their experience with FAB CBD’s CBD Dog Treats. “With one treat in the AM and one before bed, she is much more peaceful, wandering nearly stopped and she sleeps through the night. As an added benefit, she is moving much more freely during the day. Happy dog, happy mom.”

As CBD becomes increasingly accepted for use in pets as well as their owners, Fab CBD’s renowned collection of both animal- and human-focused products is expected to continue shifting the consumer wellness marketplace toward the power of CBD in the years to follow.

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