The prices for car rental vary  according to a series of elements that determine the rate:

  • the first factor to consider is, of course, that relating to the rates established by the rental company, which may change according to the age of the driver: for those under 25, in fact, there may be a supplement.
  • The presence of only one driver or more people who will take turns behind the wheel is another factor that affects the final expense. Obviously, if there are multiple drivers, each of them must have a valid driving license and abide by all the rules mentioned above. In principle, for each additional driver, you pay a daily supplement.
  • Even the drop-off can be a source of additional expense. What is the drop-off? It is the service that some rental companies allow when you return the car to a different point than the one where you picked it up.
  • The type of car you are dealing with, one thing is to travel with a small car and one thing is to travel with a luxury sedan, and the request for specific accessories (such as a seat for a small child or a satellite navigator ) are other elements that influence the price.
  • Last but not least the insurance aspect; we talked about it in the guide dedicated to car rental insurance,  in this case, the final price can vary considerably.


To collect the car you intend to rent, all you have to do is go to the agency desk and provide the booking reference: you can therefore check-in, present your credit card and fill in all the documents of the case.

At this time it is still possible to request and add options that were not previously referred to.

Once the contract has been carefully checked in all its clauses, you can take charge of the car, having the foresight to accurately check its conditions and any damage present together with an employee of the company.

On delivery, in fact,  the vehicle will be subjected to an overhaul aimed at finding possible signs or problems.

In our agency, we consider the aspect of collection and delivery of vehicles one of the fundamental aspects when the customer needs to rent a car and has no experience with the jungle of car rental paperwork.

Delivery is carried out through a card that identifies the state of use of the vehicle and subsequently photographic surveys are carried out which are subsequently forwarded to the customer via WhatsApp directly on their smartphone to ensure that transparency is a fundamental element in staying in our vehicles.


As you have seen, there are many aspects related to renting a vehicle such as Tucson AZ car rentals and this guide is intended to illustrate what you need to do to rent a car when you collect the car but remember that all this becomes very simple when the counter staff is trained and is able to show you the listed procedures in a simple and streamlined way.

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