Be Aware of Masculine and Feminine Energies

Essentially, every person carries both masculine and feminine energy within them. Gender has no bearing on either energy, however typically one is more prominent than the other.

Men tend to default to masculine with both energies, whilst women tend to default to feminine. What does it mean, then, to have masculine or feminine energy? What impact do they have on a relationship?

Are you running with too much masculine energy? Or a too little in touch with your feminine energy? What does that really mean?

If it leans more toward ‘Yin’, as opposed to ‘Yang’, which stands for the masculine energy of life. Giving is an act of our divine male, and receiving is an act of our divine feminine, and when these two energies are in harmony with one another, we experience inner harmony.

It is easy to do, yet weirdly difficult to accomplish.

Obviously, we are referring to universal energies, even though they are frequently connected to gender. Every person has the ability to lean more toward one polarity than the other because they are born with both yin as well as yang energies.

However, one or the other tends to predominate more in each of us. Since we are all different and exceptional in our own ways, you will probably identify with the majority of the mentioned qualities but not all of them, or perhaps you may find that you resonate with several different categories. Pick and choose what suits you the best.

Masculine energy

According to a certain well-known Counseling Services, masculine energy is all about activity and doing. Male energy is more consistent and dependable. The virtues are determination, clarity, and focus.

The masculine energy is skilled at applying reason since it enjoys developing systems and regulations. Core elements or traits of masculine energy include:

  • Able to think very clearly
  • Good rational and also logical skills
  • Able to build ongoing effort
  • Good external strength in persona
  • Able to think creatively and also solve complex problems
  • Fond of challenges
  • Longing for admiration and appreciation
  • Independent

Feminine energy

Flowing and vibrant, feminine energy is the opposite of masculine energy. Its actions are unpredictable and frequently difficult to comprehend with reason.

This energy does not adhere to any rules other than the guidance that emanates from the heart; thus, it is not restricted by social conventions. Female energy is more prevalent in those who exhibit the following traits:

  • Easily able to calm down
  • Good at caring for themselves and loving themselves
  • Able to find creative inspiration
  • Able to empathize
  • Able to make judgments even outside the realm of rationality
  • Prioritizing feelings
  • Having good communication skills

How do all these energies affect relationships?

When the masculine person has defaulted too far with their female partner over feminine tendencies, and they may also be in their feminine inclinations, or vice versa, the relationship created by two people can become tense.

When the relationship’s polarities are out of harmony, there are more frequent misunderstandings, disconnections, conflicts, and eventually a full breakdown in sexual intimacy.

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