The Significant Benefits of a Spa Tubs Outdoor Experience

Are you thinking about purchasing a spa bathtub outdoors, or are you a happy owner of a hot tub and want to know why they are so great? Keep reading. This may be the article for you. In this blog, we’ll cover a few.

Significant Benefits Those Outdoor Tubs Can Bring You

Relaxation and rejuvenation: Soaking inside an outdoor tub is highly relaxing. It is a fantastic experience to submerge your body in hot water and have powerful spa jets massage you, easing stress from your joints and muscles. You will feel great both mentally and physically. You can finally unwind and reflect. It’s amazing how relaxing and enjoyable it is to take a moment to relax and soak in the jet-driven waters.

Stress and Circadian Rhythm: Nearly everyone has been through some form of anxiety or stress at one time or another. In some cases, stress can be managed in certain situations. However, excessive stress can quickly damage your quality of life and cause severe mental health issues. Relaxing in your hot tub is a great way to unwind! These benefits can make you less stressed and provide other health benefits, such as better sleep patterns.

Guide to Hot Tub Heat Pumps

The air source heat pump hot tub offers a great alternative to traditional electric or gas heating systems. These heat pumps do not require installation and can be installed almost anywhere in your garden. This heating source is very popular for hot tubs and swim spas due to its rapid heat-up time and the drastic reduction in energy costs. We will be covering everything you need about the Air Source Heat Pump.

What’s An Air Source Heat Pump?

Hot Tubs with Air Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pumps for hot tubs is a device that transfers heat to and from your hot tub’s water. The ASHP works on the principle of vapour compression refrigeration. It uses a condenser and compressor to heat the hot tub or the water. If the hot tub is being chilled, it releases the heat in the opposite direction. If the Hot Tub is heated, heat from the outside air will be transferred to the hot tub’s water. If we use the ASHP to cool the hot tub in a pool, heat is absorbed into the water and then released into the atmosphere.

What Does It Mean?

A heat source heat pump is a heat pump that pumps a refrigerant through copper heat exchanger coils. The compressor and condenser can switch the refrigerant’s states between warmer and cooler liquids. The heat exchanger coil heats the liquid refrigerant to boil.

The heat from the air is retained in the refrigerant and transported as it evaporates to a gas. The electric pump then compresses the gas, increasing the temperature by compression.

The refrigerant gas flows through a pressure valve to the coil. Once it has condensed, the liquid becomes a liquid. This heats up the heating element and heats your Hot Tub water as it passes through the unit.


Now that you are familiar with what to watch for, you will be able to identify the spa baths outdoors. Lusospas is the best spa and hot tub provider.

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