Different Types of Swimwear Used In The Competitive Swimming

When it comes to competitive swimming, swimwear becomes the most important piece of kit that needs to be chosen carefully. They are available in many different styles that are specially designed for training and competition. Plus, there are different types for men and women. So here in this article, we are going to talk about the different types of swimwear especially made for these competitive swimming.

At Aqua shop, you will get a huge variety of swimming race suits. Here, the more technical the race suit is going to be, the higher will be the price. Because it takes a lot more time, fabric, tools and skills to get it manufactured. Just check their website for more details.

As we mentioned above, competitive swimming requires a different type of aqua fitness gear specially made for its purpose.


  • Many different manufacturers have created different wears of different fits, styles, sizes, shapes and prices.
  • Depending on the level of competition or the swimming event, the swimwear is made of different techniques.


So, when you choose active wear for you, you need to look into it carefully. To understand it better, let us look into it in detail:

There are mainly two different types of swimwear. One is for competition and the other one for training.

Competitive Swimwear

Competitive swimwear’s designed to be very tight-fitting. They are designed in such a way that they can be used for a limited time only and are quite expensive too. The materials here lose their compression quality after a particular repeated usage. The main purpose of this competitive swimwear is to increase the confidence level of the swimmer.


Technical suits are the ones, which are used in high-level competition and are made of water-repellent fabric that reduces drag. These days, they are made in such a way as to increase buoyancy. This kind of fabric and its compression abilities give an advantage of getting slimmer profiles for competitors in water. As this is quite expensive and cannot be reused for a longer time, they are specifically reserved for competitions only. 

Trainer Suits

Swimsuits designed for swimmer training aids, are made for increasing comfort and durability. They are water-repellent and compressive. This includes Drag suits. They are looser in fitting as compared to the regular ones. Due to their specific design, they force the swimmer to work harder through the water to increase the drag. The idea here is when the swimmer will remove this drag suit during the swimming race then he will be used to increase dragging which will make him swim faster.

FINA approved swimsuits

When it comes to TYR race suits, they need to be FINA approved (which is a world aquatics governing body). This includes features like:

  • Competitive swimwear needs to be tight fitting or second skin tight.
  • It should perfectly fit the swimmer’s trunk/torso
  • It needs to be supportive of legs
  • Shoulder straps need to be tight and comfortable
  • It should cover the chest and support at the same time

A swimmer needs to first try the race suits at their practice sessions to reduce any potential day stress. 


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