Cameron Cowan – An Unfinished Coloring Book – A Reflection Of Life

Cameron Cowan released a short story collection called ‘An Unfinished Coloring Book’. It includes an exclusive sequel from his mystery series – I.G. Farben Mysteries [the 1920s]. It is non-fiction that features a collection of short stories associated with everyday life.

In an interview, Cameron Cowan shared his inspiration for writing the title of this non-fiction collection of short stories. He was inspired by his adult coloring habits. He prefers few colors and a kind of incomplete picture yet with a scope of more imagination.

Even readers, who like reading huge books can deeply connect and understand the characters in this book. The collection describes –

The Diner 

It is a story about a diner that is going to be torn down for the construction of a new highway. The employees are emotional as they spend their last night working in the diner. What will be their future?

The Swedish connection 

Two men discuss their lives, problems, and issues over a bottle of vodka. Both are heartbroken due to a failed relationship and cannot stop drinking and babbling.

The Kingdom of Nordstrom

The world has come to an end and the environment seems dry and shocked. A drifter discovers a group of survivors in Tacoma’s ruined mall. Will the drifter stay or continue to wander?

America Discount World

America’s cultural heritage has been offered on sale to the highest bidder. Dale made life by selling America’s cultural heritage. A reporter comes to interview Dale. There is a possibility of a new relationship between the reporter about to be divorced and Dale.

Classy Drug Dealer

Dry cleaning & launderette is operated by Andrej. In the forefront, his life and business seem all cool. One night the costs of his action enter the door and he has to sacrifice his life and business.

Beverly Gardens

Four tenants residing in an old building are trying to figure out the solution to the California housing crisis. How can poor people survive in a world forced to kill and prevent them from living?

Windswept Wastes

The cold war is active and America is formulating its nuclear arsenal. The story is about a man, who gets the task of constructing nuclear triggers at a Colorado plant.


The story is about two teenage boys spending their weekends. They find a place to party but learn about the seedy secrets associated with the American suburbs’ underworld.

The Ticket

Can Topher reach the lottery office situated in Olympia on time? Topher won a lottery ticket and has to reach Olympia within a few hours to collect the money but has no transportation to reach there. Will he make it?

The RKO Killer

KYW radio station in Chicago hires Isaac Farben to find a popular criminal for an interview. Will Farben and his trusted assistants find this criminal?

Cameron Cowan’s Unfinished Coloring Book is a collection of ten different short tales focused on everyday life. The book reflects the going on in society and the issues people struggle with every day. All the short stories are different and it will make readers feel like watching several different movies.

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