Top 7 Universal gifts for friends and family

Humans are social animals; we can not survive alone, that is a fact! And to be honest, we do not wanna live alone cause friends and family make our lives so much better. 

“Family is a life jacket in the stormy sea of life.”

This famous quote by JK Rowling captures the essence of what a family is, perfectly. Whenever you are in trouble, we remember our family first of all. They raise us, teach us whatever we know and shape us into the kind of people we are today. And when we talk of friends, well, they are the family you choose yourself! These fantastic humans support you when you need it the most and love you no matter what. You are aware that their love for you is unconditional, and that is why they must be appreciated more.

It is often said that actions speak louder than words, and a gift can be identified as a token of love and gratitude. So this time tell your dearest friends and family how much they mean to you with an appropriate present. Well, you don’t have to worry about thinking of an extraordinary gift for them at all cause we are here to help you. Keep on reading and find out about the top best universal gifts that are great for all your friends and family. 

Personalized Group Mugs

We often share an inside joke with our close friends and family, which can make for amazing group mugs. Get personalized mugs for your entire family with your surname on top, or get an inside joke on a mug for your crazy group of friends. 


Custom Illustrated Portraits

Art speaks volumes when it comes to love. Express how you feel about your near and dear ones with a beautifully made illustrated portrait. If you get it for your family, then trust us, you are investing in an incredible piece of decor as it will look fabulous in your hall. As for your friends, just go for a picture that includes all your closest buddies. 

Coffee Maker With Beans

Coffee can be identified as the work fuel of almost everyone these days. You must have someone in your family and/or friends’ group that lives for coffee. For this unique species of people, nothing can beat the presence of a modern coffee maker with fresh coffee beans. This will make their mornings better, and trust us; they will thank you with every mug. 


Cakes are loved by everyone, maybe a little too much by some! For people who have a sweet tooth, you don’t have to search a lot. Simply go for online cake delivery in Bangalore or wherever you want it and send them a scrumptious designer cake. Don’t overthink cause you can never go wrong with a cake!


Bless your friends and family with the coziest feeling in the world with a comforter. As the name suggests, this blanket will make their sleep extra pleasant. Combine this gift with a plush cushion for them, and you will be known as the best friend ever!

Scented Candles

It’s not a secret that we are leading a very stressful, hectic life. Hence, we all need a small break for ourselves often, just to ourselves. To enjoy our own company without worrying about anything, and one of the things that provide such relaxation is scented candles. The concept is quite simple, the moment you light up these candles, they give off a beautiful aroma that fills your senses, making you feel relaxed and better almost instantly. Gift a calming fragrant combo to your dear friends and family to show how much you care about them. 

Chocolate Gift Hamper

As we said earlier, no one can resist the heavenly taste of sweets, so another gem of a gift that will work for everyone you love is a chocolate hamper. You can find a vast range of chocolate gift hampers in the market. Take your pick according to your choice and the preferences of the person for whom you are getting it. To complete the gift, simply add a message card to the hamper with a handwritten, heartfelt note. Do not shy away from expressing your feelings to those whom you love the most.

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