What Are The Rules For Quad Bikes?

Electric Quad Bike is viewed as thrilling and enjoyable vehicles; yet, they are used for various purposes and are subject to rules dependent on how they are used. In this post, we’ll look at quad bike legislation so you can be sure you’re following the rules while you ride your quad.

Road Regulations For Quad Bikes

Most quad bikes are not roadworthy and cannot be used on public roads. To use your quad on the road, you must check with the manufacturer to determine if it has been approved for road usage. If your quad bike has not yet been certified but fulfils the safety criteria, you can apply for type approval. If you intend to ride your quad bike on the road, you must first register the vehicle with the DVLA, and your bike will need front and rear number plates.

To drive a quad bike on the road in the UK, you must have a full UK driving licence or a category B1 licence if your licence was obtained before January 1997, in addition to having your quad registered with the DVLA. If your quad is over three years old, you will need an MOT certificate to operate it on the road and third-party insurance to drive the bike legally.

Driving Rules For Road Safety

Quad Bikes for Sale are frequently not built to transport people, even if the seat appears large enough; thus, if there aren’t two seats, you shouldn’t carry any passengers on the road. Passengers can be carried if adequate arrangements are made, such as a seat and footpegs. Passengers are not permitted if their feet cannot contact the foot pegs or if they are not secure on the quad. If you are unclear if you can do so, contact your manufacturer.

Although wearing a crash helmet when riding a quad bike is suggested, it is not a legal requirement in England, Scotland, or Wales. In Northern Ireland, the law requires you to wear a crash helmet or risk a fine of up to £500. It should also be noted that using vehicles such as electric quads on pavements is illegal.

Off-Road Driving Regulations

You do not need a driving licence for off-road use, and you do not need to register or tax your vehicle if it is only used off-road. However, you may register your quad bike on the off-road register. If you register for this, you may be able to assist the police if your quad bike is stolen.

Although it is permissible to ride a quad bike off-road, there are still laws that must be followed. You are not permitted to use your quad on municipal property, including parks, unless there is a dedicated location for this sort of vehicle. Some regions may have commercially maintained parks where quads are permitted. It is vital to note that quad bikes can only be used on private land/property if the land/property owner permits it.

Agricultural Use Regulations

When utilising a quad bike for agricultural purposes, you must register it as a light agricultural vehicle. An agricultural quad bike can be used on the road without an MOT, but it must be registered and licensed for road use. You’ll also need a licence plate and third-party insurance. If you want to operate the quad at night, you must have lights on your vehicle for your safety as well as the safety of other road users. Regarding vehicle taxes, quad bikes utilised for agricultural reasons are exempt. If you do have to pay tax, the tax class will be determined by how you use your quad bike from Quad Warehouse

  • You must pay a limited use tax for motorcycles used on the road.
  • Agricultural machine class for quad bikes that are not road legal.

Quad bikes meant for agricultural usage often have only a driver’s seat and are not permitted to transport people. Another thing to remember is that it is illegal for a youngster under 13 to operate a quad utilised in agricultural activities.

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