Tips For Making A New B2B Ecommerce Portal

B2B ecommerce is expanding faster than B2C and requires more attention. This article provides ideas and best practices for conducting ecommerce business with B2B partners.

According to a Research, the US ecommerce business will be valued at $1.1 trillion. This is double the size of the b2C market in the United States.

Prepare to utilize a B2B eCommerce solution like Unilog right away. This is why:

Why Not Build Bespoke Ecommerce Sites For B2B Customers?

B2B ecommerce generates more money for ecommerce enterprises, eventually leading to a larger investment in the B2B segment. Profit increases would be impossible without it.

Ecommerce enterprises must handle B2B clients differently than they do B2C consumers. They should provide them with more functionality and customization. To reach this aim, ecommerce enterprises must collaborate closely with B2B partners. They must investigate and assess their everyday operations and processes and develop unique portals that match the business requirements of B2B customers.

This may be time-consuming and challenging. It’s tougher than you’d think. Companies that have established bespoke portals for B2B customers in the past report that the process takes 6 to 2 years.

It is not due to technical issues or a lack of resources. It is because of customization. It is critical to establish which features and procedures are required. Some things you believed were beneficial may be worthless or of no benefit to you and your B2B partner. You should be open to continuing and lean testing before identifying the optimal blend of features you and your B2B partner will employ online.

Continue your journey. You’ll be able to expand your and your partner’s businesses. Both sides will win from the agreement. Customers Of b2b ecommerce website development receive The Following Benefits:

  1. They get greater internet attention
  2. The system may be tailored to their business requirements and procedures (for example, for certain user roles or planned orders).
  3. The customer intelligence system provides them with specific promotion coupons for their firm.
  4. You may utilize the bespoke gateway to assist them in understanding their business and suggesting changes.
  5. Advantages for B2B ecommerce providers:
  6. It enables you to comprehend your clients and their company’s requirements.
  7. It is about more than just transactions; it is about collaboration and relationships.
  8. This decreases the possibility of losing B2B clients.
  9. This application helps you to identify new methods to improve your portal and get client input.

What Features Should The B2B Ecommerce Portal Have?


B2B ecommerce enterprises that have deployed effective customization technologies will be well ahead of their B2B competitors who have yet to. According to Gartner, by 2018, B2B firms will outsell 30% of their competitors that do not use effective personalization.

Personalizing B2B ecommerce clients requires creative design. This encompasses both UX and UI. Your software partner’s “look and feel” is defined as UI. Its colors, signals, and forms should be comparable. You will provide a more intuitive experience for your consumer, resulting in increased customer engagement.

Custom UX design, while more complex, might be critical in any ecommerce platform that targets B2B consumers. The business procedures of your partner should be mirrored in the UX design of such a site. The office manager orders the right amount of items, and the accounting manager pays the bill. The logistics manager then negotiates the delivery date and conditions. The system should follow this pattern and respond appropriately to various actions.

Several Users And Roles

As previously stated, different users will be required for various tasks. Different responsibilities and permissions may be necessary.

You may guarantee that your staff are well-rested with extraneous information and can focus on their work.

Order In Bulk, Repeat Or Scheduled

You may request that your spouse repeat the same orders every other week or monthly. You may ensure that your companion can save time determining their requirements.

It is also feasible to automate. It is also feasible to automate. You and your customer may agree on recurring monthly/weekly processes, and the system will handle the rest.


Integrate your portal with your partner’s environment to deliver seamless user experiences. The following are some integrations that your B2B partner will appreciate.

Collaboration with the accounting department. Your partner most likely has multiple suppliers for various products or services. Do not have accountants review your bills. Make it easy! Send your invoices to their all-invoices list. They will enjoy this much.

You may set up recurring orders by charging your bank account or credit card.

Partner Inventory Integration

Once the invoice has been paid, and the goods have been dispatched, ensure it is noted in your partner’s records.

Owned Inventory Integration

Your partner should be given online information about the items in stock. This helps to avoid shipping and backorder delays.

Logistics Integration

Your B2B clients may be curious about where and when their items will arrive after they have left your warehouses.


There is always the possibility of reorganizing corporate operations. There might be a change in roles, a new employee needs extra rights, or the business process has been altered.

Your spouse will be grateful if they can receive manual updates without contacting you. You should provide a self-service gateway to your partner.



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